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Max Caster fired back at WWE star Top Dolla and NXT after AEW Dynamite went off the air

All Elite Wrestling/WWE

All Elite Wrestling/WWE

The AEW vs. WWE battle of words continued on Saturday night after AEW Dynamite went off the air.

The Acclaimed's Max Caster did a rap for the fans in Miami and there was a reference to Caster wanting to beat Tony Khan as bad as AEW did to NXT in the ratings.

The rap also included a dig at WWE star Top Dolla from Hit Row. This is in response to Top Dolla's rap on Friday that appeared to be directed at The Young Bucks.

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Top Dolla has been very vocal about fans who feel that Hit Row will be stifled on the main roster and he took aim at wrestlers who claim to be "cool and hip" when they show off their sneakers on camera. Many fans instantly took that as a dig at The Young Bucks and things have escalated from there. Dolla later said that he prefers not to mention the competition by name after he was asked by MVP to name names.

There has been no response (yet) from The Young Bucks to Dolla's diss track but it will be interesting to see if something is said during BTE on Monday.

Here is Max Caster's rap:

Top Dolla has not resonded, at least not directly to Caster but he posted this Jay-Z clip shortly after he was tagged on Twitter: