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AEW's Max Caster reacts to John Cena giving him high praise

All Eite Wrestling/WWE

All Eite Wrestling/WWE

John Cena previously gave AEW’s Max Caster a lot of praise for his rapper gimmick. The former WWE Champion noted that he thinks Caster is a better rapper than him and the AEW star would beat him in a rap battle.

During a recent virtual signing for Golden Ring Collectibles, Caster responded to Cena’s comments. He also credited Cena as an influence on his career as Cena did the gimmick in the early days of his WWE run.

“That’s a great question [could Max beat John Cena in a rap battle]. John has been very, very nice to me and when he didn’t need to. He reached out and he made that public so I’m allowed to say it now so he reached out and then he said things publicly about me in Forbes and that means a lot to me. So, it’s never been about beating him in a rap battle. It’s about trying to get past the point of people saying I’m a Thuganomics rip-off.”

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He said that Cena had a big influence on him and he’s one of Caster’s favorite wrestlers. That gimmick got him to watch wrestling again in 2004. He hopes he can get some fans by doing the same thing in AEW.

He said it’s not about beating Cena in a rap battle, but paying homage to him and elevating what he did.

H/T to POST Wrestling for the transcription