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McMahon family is torn apart, Shane McMahon not involved with WWE because of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, according to Mike Chioda

The latest episode of “Monday Mailbag” with Mike Chioda is up now. Chioda shared stories from his time in WWE and he gave his thoughts on the passing of Blackjack Lanza, Kevin Dunn, Shane McMahon being away from WWE and more.

Chioda was asked his thoughts on Blackjack Lanza:

“Blackjack Lanza was a hell of a worker in his day.  I don’t remember him as a worker, but I remember him as an agent for many, many years.  He was a serious agent and somebody not to f**k with.  He got the job done.  The boys respected him.  They didn’t f**k with him.  They didn’t step on his toes or nothing because you couldn’t step on Blackjack.  Jack Lanza was a great agent.  He was very stern.  When I was a kid growing up in the business, he was very stern.  He got the job done for Vince for many years.  If it wasn’t for Jack Lanza, Chief Jay Strongbow, Renee Goulet, and other agents at the time, the business wouldn’t have gotten done because the boys were fu**ing wild.  They were crazy.  You had to have somebody that the boys respected and control the road shows, the live events, and the TVs.  Jack Lanza really puts a lot of good memories on getting the job done for the WWF at the time.”

Chioda said that Kevin Dunn treated the ring crew very well:

“The crew people would get everything because Kevin Dunn used to take care of his crew people.  The crew people are very important, don’t get me wrong because I was there for 20-something years.  The crew would get everything.  The wrestlers made money though.  The referees were in the middle.  They were in limbo.  They didn’t make as much as the crew people because the crew people worked part time at TVs.  Kevin Dunn still takes care of his people.  When they get let go, they get one year severance.  I got three months.”

Chioda was asked, “To your knowledge, did anybody ever tell Triple H that you probably shouldn’t be dating the boss’ daughter.”

Chioda said, “Yes, Shane did.  Shane McMahon did.  That’s why the feud fell out, that’s for sure.  It was a thing from Vince Sr. that came around many years ago.  They didn’t want anybody dating talent, none of the kids and none of their family.  He didn’t want them taking bumps, which that didn’t happen.  I think Shane really had a big part of that and that’s why Shane and Triple H had a falling out for many years, and that’s why Shane was exiled for 10 years.  Shane is still not on top of the list.  Where is he at now?  Is he in the office?  Is he running things?  Is he Vice President?  Is he Vice CEO?  Can somebody tell me where he’s at right now because he should be there.  I mean, even with Triple H out, you’re going to have Johnny Laurinaitis, Road Dogg, and Scott Armstrong running the fu**ing business?  You’re not going to have Shane McMahon there?  Where’s he at?  It’s boggles me for many years too.  A lot of heat there.  It gets more interesting, believe me.  It’s sad because when I started working for this company, there was Linda McMahon, Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon and Stephanie McMahon and now it seems to be all broken apart.  All the money in the world probably can’t fix it.  They have all the money in the world, a publicly traded company, which is ok.  The family is torn apart at this point I think.  Maybe not torn apart all the way, which I hope not, but it’s torn apart.”

He continued, “Do you think Tony Khan is fighting with his dad?  No. Tony Khan is going to do what he wants to do with his dad’s money and with his money, and he’s making it big in AEW, and they’re coming together to make money.  The Jacksonville Jaguars, the European Soccer Football team, and AEW.  You don’t hear any feuds between them.  If there was, you would hear it.”

“I love Shane.  I can’t say anything bad about Shane McManon.  I love Stepanie too.  She’s never done me wrong, but I’m sure she could have put a kibosh when they gave me the ax after WrestleMania a year and a half ago.  I’m sure she could have put an end to it but she didn’t.  It is what it is.”

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