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Melina addresses the Batista affair rumor, why she broke up with John Morrison, WWE, college, and more

Melina is the guest on this week's Ross Report with Jim Ross. Melina talks about her career in wrestling and what she is up to these days. She talked about returning to college, her days as part of the MNM team with Joey Mercury and John Morrison, being on Tough Enough 3 and what Al Snow told her that convinced her that she should still pursue her dream to make it to WWE, the WWE Diva locker room atmosphere, and a lot more.

She also talked about the wrestling business and how rumors can spread. She addressed some of the crazy rumors that have been spread about her over the years such as the story about her supposedly showing up at shows after she left WWE. She also talked about the rumors that went around about her asking for more money. She also talked about her past relationships revealing that Mike Knox was the second boyfriend she's ever had in her life. They dated before she got into the wrestling business. She said that Knox was a great person and he was a good soul. After Mike Knox then she met and later dated John Morrison (now Johnny Mundo on Lucha Underground) on and off for 11 years. She said people want to say that she cheated and it never really happened like people say and he was the love of her life and she did everything she could to make it work. The rumor that was always floated around online was that she was seeing Batista while she was still with Morrison. She said that there were people that picked on her and were really mean to her and Dave (Batista) stood up for her and people assumed there was more to their friendship. She said people sometimes assume that just because a man and woman are friends that they are dating. She said that the rumors that were spread about her and Batista caused her break up with John Morrison. She said that Batista plays heroes in movies and he's the same way in real life and he was always a great friend to her and he was bullied when he was coming up through the ranks.

She says she's so proud of her character but sometimes because of that character, she joked, she feels "damn that character." She said that those rumors bother her sometimes and 10 years later they still come up and wishes the rumors would die already.

It's a good interview. This summary is just a small excerpt of what was covered. You can listen to the full interview by clicking on the player below. Towards the end of the show she plugged her podcast called "Getting real with Melina." It's available on Audio Boom, Stitcher, and iTunes. Melina will be doing an appearance at WrestleCon on March 27th and 28th during WrestleMania weekend. She will also be doing a Sunday brunch a few hours before WrestleMania with HighSpots. She will be appearing for Southside Wrestling on April 12th in London.

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