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Melina gives her thoughts on not being called by WWE for the women's Royal Rumble



Melina is the guest on this week's "Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia" podcast. It's a great interview that includes stories from Melina's childhood, her time in WWE and what she is up to these days.

Among several things, she talked about not being called back to do things like some of the other women have.

On not being asked to return for a special appearance during the women's revolution:

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"I can't ask they 'why's' because then I'm going to drive myself crazy. I learned that there's usually no rhyme or reason. There's nothing specific. It's just whatever is going on in that moment that they are doing. So I can't drive myself crazy wondering why. It just is what it is."

On not getting called for the women's Royal Rumble, she added, "I admit, there's a little part of me that thinks like 'that would have been nice.' I would like to think or feel I was a part of or help maintain. I feel like our generation, the Diva era, we kept it together when everybody hated us, when everybody kept saying 'this is a pee break, this is a bathroom break.' People were mean. They wouldn't give us a chance even when we wrestled our hearts out. We gave our all in an era when people refused."

Melina said there was a backlash when Trish Stratus and Lita left because their favorite female wrestlers were gone. She said the Diva era didn't bother her at all because the women she worked with had heart and passion. She put over all of the women from all era's including the women who got contracts from the Diva Search.

During the interview, Melina talked about being part of the independent wrestling scene, being a mentor to the up-and-coming talent, thoughts on the current women's division, her insecurities, suicidal thoughts, being the victim of sexual assault, the death of Ashley Massaro and much more. Check out the full interview by clicking on the player below: