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Melina on getting closure with WWE at Raw Reunion, being part of NWA Powerrr and more



Post Wrestling's Andrew Thompson recently conducted an interview with former WWE Women's Champion Melina. You can watch the interview below and scroll down for the transcribed highlights.

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Melina on getting closure by returning to WWE for RAW Reunion“Oh my, it was therapeutic. I needed that, because I needed closure. I needed closure. I needed to say goodbye to the people I needed to say goodbye to. I needed to talk to the people who we never said goodbye but we never said our feelings. So it’s like some of the girls I worked with, I told them how I felt and the funny thing is they started telling me how they felt. You know, I always thought I was an oddball but we all thought we were oddballs and we kind of were never too scared to open up to each other so it was very therapeutic and now I have my sisters, and now I’m there for them that much more after being out of there, so it was beautiful.”

Being a part of NWA Powerrr“Oh my goodness! I’m so glad we’re talking about this. Okay, it was so freaking amazing. So I went the day before [I debuted on the show], because I wanted to see what NWA was all about. I needed to witness this, and I’m watching -- I actually watched from behind everybody, and I saw the audience, I saw it from above the studio and then I also went backstage and saw it from the TV. I watched every episode, I see every person’s reaction and everything. The energy and the fans are so freaking amazing. I was really skeptical. I was thinking, ‘It’s small. Will people get really into it? Are they gonna be one of those crowds where it’s kinda like they just watch and they don’t cheer?’ No, they were so energetic. They loved everybody there, and I love to see… during my era, I loved seeing Ken Anderson. I love Colt Cabana and there was so many people where I was like, ‘God, I haven’t seen you guys in such a long time, like personally, and to see you and work with you, that just made my heart love wrestling all over again', because you want to see these personalities. They’re not done. Just because they’re a little bit older and they’re not in the WWE, doesn’t mean that they’re done. No, they’ve only just begun.”

Does she prefer smaller venues over larger venues“I actually do [prefer the intimate settings]. People were tripping out because they thought… I feel like sometimes when you’re in a large venue like that, like WWE style, you might as well just watch it at home sometimes because you end up watching the titantron or the big screens and everybody’s too small and you can’t really see anything, but at least you get the feeling of interacting with the fans who love what you love and love the characters that you love. When it comes to a place like NWA, you are right there with the wrestlers. You get to see everything, you get to hear everything. You get to interact with fans, they interact with you and it’s just amazing, and it’s not like an indie show either. It’s unique.”