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During tonight's episode of WWE Friday Night SmackDown, Michael Cole dropped a tease for what many believe will be a WrestleMania 39 match.

During the Austin Theory vs. Drew McIntyre match, Cole said, "No doubt Austin Theory is one of most talented we have seen in a while. He could use an Attitude Adjustment though."

That is an obvious tease for Theory vs. John Cena. The first tease on TV for that match happened in late July when Cena appeared in a backstage segment with Theory. There was talk about that match happening at SummerSlam but it was not possible because of Cena's Hollywood commitments.

Last July, Cena did a Q&A on TikTok and he named Theory as his current favorite WWE star but he also said that Theory needs an attitude adjustment. Theory later responded, "Stop playing dress up and do something then @JohnCena."

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Last month, Theory said the following during an interview with NBC Sports Boston when he was asked about comparisons to Cena:

“I will always appreciate that just because of being a kid at 8-years old and seeing John Cena for the first time really inspired me to do what I’m doing now. It’s made a career and pretty much set up my whole life, so there’s always going to be that appreciation for that comparison," Theory said. He continued, "But for me, I want to be my own and I want to do my own thing. I think oftentimes when somebody’s on a come up, people are always going to jump to, ‘Oh, he does this like this one, or he looks like this one’, and that’s great because people are always going to do that, but I think with time, everybody’s going to know that Theory is a stand-alone name.”Click here for complete WWE Friday Night SmackDown results.

Theory has also talked about wanting to wrestle John Cena's final match at WrestleMania. The reference by Cole on SmackDown could be a hint that the match is going to happen next year. Also note that WWE doesn't drop teases like that unless they are confident about the match happening.