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Michael Cole says he’s been trying to get Nigel McGuinness in WWE for long time, comments on RAW’s commentary team

Longtime WWE announcer Michael Cole recently spoke with about the upcoming UK Championship Tournament that will take place in January and air on the WWE Network. During the interview, he was asked about working with Nigel McGuinness. Cole said that he cannot wait to get the chance to work with him as he has been trying to get him to join WWE for a long time. Cole noted that this time it just worked out as the tournament is the perfect venue to bring him in. “He’s gonna start his career off as part of this tournament, but he’s gonna be with WWE full time going forward. We have a lot of plans for Nigel, and I think fans are going to be excited seeing what he has coming in his career.” He said that there’s not a better person to do this and that he will learn a lot from McGuiness over the next few weeks. He said that McGuiness had wrestled a lot of the talent that is involved in the tournament, so he will the opportunity to bring some unique stories about them that no one else will.

While a lot of people are down on the RAW three-man commentary team, Cole is not one of them as he enjoys it because it allows him to be in the middle of it. “I can just be an unbiased play-by-play guy, and let Corey have his views, and Byron have his views, and they can go back and forth and debate and argue with each other while I can just do what I do, which is call a match and tell stories.” This is why he likes the three-man commentary team. He noted that there were sometimes when there was a two-man commentary team that he would get bogged down by having to be the good guy or bad guy too much. “It’s tough that way, but just having that straight play-by-play guy to tell your stories, be unbiased, and have your two guys playing off each other, it’s perfect.”

You can read the entire interview here.


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