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Michelle McCool calls for equal pay for the top women in WWE

Women have come a long way in WWE. Just a few years ago, the women’s matches were considered the bathroom break at WrestleMania but this year they will close out the show.

2-time Women’s Champion Michelle McCool says it’s time for the top women to get paid as much as the top men

“I do think the women should get paid, a main event is a main event,” McCool told TMZ Sports. “I hope they do and think they should.”

McCool is not the first woman to talk about this subject. In fact, AJ Lee talked about equal pay for women back in 2015. McCool also said she is grateful for the women who paved the way for her and she’s proud of what they’ve accomplished since she left the company in 2011.

For what it’s worth, Becky Lynch was recently offered a new multi-year deal with a pay raise so it looks like WWE might already be taking steps to fix the pay gap.

Listen to McCool’s comments on pay in the video below:

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