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Michelle McCool opens up about The Undertaker’s home life following retirement

Michelle McCool appeared on “Busted Open” to discuss the upcoming Royal Rumble, as well as Undertaker’s life after wrestling.

Michelle McCool talking about how she’s ended up in this year’s Royal Rumble:

“I got a phone call from talent relations right about Christmas time. John Cone called and said, ‘We’re doing the Rumble and we’re just wanting to see if you have any interest in doing it?’ I thought, ‘We’re about to go to Colorado for 10 days which sets me back in my training.’ I said, ‘Let me think about it. I’m very honored and flattered. Let me see,” McCool shared.

“I talked it over with Mark (The Undertaker). I was like, ‘You know what? You don’t get this opportunity too much. I’m super grateful for it, and it gives me a chance to really show my daughter and my son that I’m a little scared, but we can be scared and still go out there and be brave, do things, and overcome challenges.’ That was the motivation behind it.”

“I was like, ‘I’m going to need your help. I’m going to need your motivation, but Mommy’s a little scared. Mommy knows she can do this, so I have to train hard. I have to put in the work, so let’s do it.” So that was my motivation behind doing it.”

McCool’s thoughts on her husband, The Undertaker, opening up about his life:

When talking about Undertaker’s life after wrestling, McCool said, “I think now it’s become a little bit more normal.”

“First off, I think Mark can attest to the fact that there’s definitely Undertaker in Mark also. There’s a whole lot of Mark, but there’s also Undertaker in Mark in real life, not with us, but when need be.”

“It was a little strange at first when we filmed The Last Ride documentary and people got a glimpse into who he was. I think it was such a treasured thing for so long that people were so interested in who the man behind the character was. I think it was special for his fans after all these years to be able to see that because a lot of times we judge a book by it’s cover, including myself. I didn’t want to meet the guy and he wore me down, and eventually I married him.”

“There’s a lot to him, and I’m glad that his fans after all of these years get to see that. To us, it’s always been husband. To the kids, he’s just Daddy. They know what you do. They know who you are. They know people always want autographs and pictures, but it’s kind of like, why? It’s Daddy. It’s special. We have him home a lot more which is nice, most of the time (she laughs).”

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