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Mick Foley comments on his major weight loss, WWE Network adds new collection



- WWE Hall of Famer and RAW GM Mick Foley noted on his official Facebook page that he told Vince McMahon in January that his goal was to weigh 255lb by December 5th. Foley reached his goal weight three months ahead of schedule. Now, Foley has a new goal weight. He posted this:


This past January, I spoke to Mr. McMahon for the first time in quite a while, and told him over the phone that I was down 25 pounds – from 338 to 313 - and that my goal was to drop 80 pounds (about 38 kilograms or 6 stones) by December 5. "I'm going to hold you to that", Mr McMahon said.

Do you have any idea what kind of motivating force that was for me?

Hearing that voice saying those words - I'm going to hold you to that - probably kept me from binging late at night or caving to cravings on countless occasions. Earlier today, I weighed in for Mr McMahon at 255 - my goal weight reached (with three pounds to spare) three months ahead of time.

Thanks to #DDPYoga, swimming, my pain in the butt trainer Avril, and 8 months of wiser food choices, I am feeling better than I have in many years. I'm still beat up, still feeling the aches and pains – but I am actually doing something about it, and I feel great about the future!

I have a new goal now: to hit 238 in December, and run the steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art with Becky Lynch - just two #Rocky fanatics living out a dream. That's 17 pounds in 3 months, for a total loss of 100 l bs in one year. 17 big ones! Do I think I can do it? Absolutely!

- The WWE Network has added the WWE Hidden Gems Collection to the streaming service and here is the content that is featured in the collection:

05/30/1951 – Texas Rasslin’: Thesz vs Gunkel

09/23/1964 – Gagne-Metrics

03/16/1961 – Gino ‘Gorilla Monsoon’ Marella

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