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Mick Foley gives a health update, says he doesn’t have health insurance to pay for hip replacement surgery

Mick Foley has posted an update on his Facebook page regarding his health and he confirmed that he needed to get hip replacement surgery. However, missing one payment caused him to lose his health insurance after being insured for 26 years. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to get on a new affordable plan when you a professional wrestler with a history of injuries.

Foley noted that he is on a handshake deal with WWE and he is looking at other options before he pays $60,000 out of pocket for the operation. He said, “I do it as long as WWE is happy with me and thinks I’m the best person for the role. No contract involved at all, except for the legends deal, which is strictly about merchandise.” He credited DDP Yoga for helping him lose weight and without the weight loss, he would not be able to get through airports but he is still in pain because of the bad hip.

Foley also noted that he stuck around on WWE TV for an extra week because he was committed to be at the Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital and then he heard about the shark cage segment from Raw and he wanted to be part of that as well. We wish Mick nothing but the best and we hope that he’ll be back on Raw soon.

Click here to read Foley’s full Facebook post.


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