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Mick Foley has really nice things to say about Enzo Amore vs Neville

Enzo Amore might not have many fans left, but then that begs the question of who’s going to but his nifty new “I got the sauce” t-shirt? He must have people still rooting for him and as proof, WWE Hall Of Famer Mick Foley has recently thrown in his support for Enzo.

Mick Foley recently commented on social media how he actually likes Enzo Amore but he still wants to see Neville get revenge on the Certified G. This really isn’t surprising because the two have worked well together so far. Foley is also correct in his observation that the rivalry is shaping up in a very interesting fashion.

As Neville continues to chase after Enzo and the story progresses hopefully fans will find a new reason to root for them to continue. It’s certainly been a fascinating ride so far and it doesn’t look like The King Of The Cruiserweights or the Realest Guy In The Room are done just yet either.

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