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Mick Foley praises John Cena, comments on forgetting his lines on RAW

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley recently appeared on Talk is Jericho to talk about various topics. It should be noted that this interview was taped before Foley was fired as RAW GM. During the podcast, Foley talked about how John Cena is a great wrestler and promo-cutter who gets negative fan reactions. He noted that Cena is one of the best promo guys out there and that a lot of people don’t want to admit that. He said that he got a real feel of how the Cena resentment was because he was in Florida and working for TNA. He noted that was watching an episode of RAW and Cena would nail a promo so he would go on Twitter and said that Cena did a great promo which led to him receiving several messages from fans within minutes. He brought up that his daughter, Noelle, would tell him that’s impossible but he noticed that there were a lot of negative messages about his tweet. He noted that fans should try to find a bad PPV, which Cena is featured on and the all of the fans told him the exact same PPV. He noted that’s the exception that proves the rule.

As seen on previous episodes of RAW, Foley has forgotten his lines when he is cutting a promo and gets flack for doing so. The most memorable incident was when RAW was in Columbus, Ohio and he forgot what city they were in and said the wrong name, which has led to him making a joke about it and writes the name of the city on his hand. Foley explained how he advised Stephanie McMahon to feed him lines during promos. He noted that the first time he went to the ring with McMahon, he told her that he would probably forget things in the ring, but he will not panic because he knows it’s going to happen but just wanted her to be aware of it. He told her to give him some buzzwords because what he didn’t tell her was that he was going to forget his lines in the first 15 seconds of being out in the ring. He noted that he needs a little help and once he gets it then he can push through it.

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