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Mick Foley remembers the late Hayabusa

As noted, Japanese wrestling legend Hayabusa (Eiji Ezaki) passed away on Thursday afternoon at the age of 47. Hayabusa was found dead from bleeding in the brain. Hayabusa was a popular star in Japanese wrestling during the 1990s because of his high-flying style. He was an innovator and inspiration to many current and former wrestlers.

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley commented on Hayabusa’s passing in a recent Facebook post:


Pro wrestling lost another great with the death of Hayabusa (Eiji Ezaki) at age 47 from complications of a subarachnoid hemorrhage. I remember this gifted and Innovative high-flyer so well – from the pages of Japanese wrestling magazines, where he would seemingly do the impossible on a regular basis. He work for ‪#‎FMW‬ in Japan, while I worked for ‪#‎IWAJapan‬– so we were, in a sense, competitors – but I had nothing but respect for him, and was pleased to meet him at the two #FMW events was part of – in 1996 and 1997. Hayabusa was paralyzed in 2001, following a springboard moonsault attempt, in which he slipped off the ropes, and landed on his head, cracking two vertebrae in his neck – never to wrestle again.

But, if in death, a man can inspire others in life, than truly that life has been one worth living. Please take a look at this video that captures his most remarkable moment – in 2015, surrounded by his peers, fans, and loved ones, Hayabusa walks to the ring for the first time since his accident.



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