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Mick Foley reminisces on the biggest pop of his career from WWE Raw in 1999

WWE Hall Of Famer Mick Foley was recently interviewed by the Saskatoon StarPhoenix to talk about several professional wrestling topics. Foley discussed why fans still talk about his 1999 Hell In A Cell match with The Undertaker, what he gets asked the most about his match, and the biggest pop of his career. The highlights can be found below:

Why fans still talk about his 1999 Hell In A Cell match with The Undertaker:

“Part of it was that it grew on an organic level. There wasn’t social media so it didn’t trend for three days and then disappear. It traveled by word of mouth. It was brutal but it was also surreal so that it wasn’t difficult to watch in a way like the January 1999 match I had with The Rock was. [Foley took 11 chair shots to the head with his wife and two young children — captured in the critically-acclaimed documentary Beyond The Mat — watching in tears at ringside.] It stands up to repeated viewings. It doesn’t feel like watching a snuff film [laughs]. I sometimes talk at these shows about the element of magic in the air. I think it was alive that night.”

What he gets asked the most about the HIAC match:

“There’s nothing that’s even close. Running a distant second is my tag team with The Rock. They don’t recall specific matches. They just recall the chemistry and how much fun they had watching us.”

The biggest pop of his career when he won the WWE Title on Raw in 1999 after assistance from Stone Cold Steve Austin:

“It’s funny that the largest pop I ever received was only the second-largest of that match [Laughs]. Steve’s music had everyone up standing. That was an incredible night.”


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