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Mick Foley says appearing on Edge and Christian’s show saved his relationship with WWE

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley explained in a recent Facebook post that he is on good terms with WWE again. Foley has stated in previous interviews that he had a falling out with the company after he accidentally texted Vince McMahon following the 2014 Royal Rumble PPV and told McMahon that he thought Daniel Bryan should’ve won the match as he saw Bryan a top WWE star.

Foley posted this:

THE HEALING: How‪#‎TheEdgeAndChristianShowThatTotallyReeksOfAwesomeness‬ TOTALLY saved my relationship with ‪#‎WWE‬.

The E&C show led to me having an informal meeting with WWE’s head producer Kevin Dunn…

which led to…

me reaching out to Mr. McMahon…..

which led to…

the appearance on ‪#‎RAW,

the ‪#‎StoneColdPodcast‬,

rumors of a new TV project, the ESPN appearance,

and a future

reign as WWE Champion

(ok, I made that part up)

Thanks Edge & Christian!

Tell me what you’re enjoying about the new show, the network, and what role you might like to see me play in WWE.


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