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Mick Foley says if he was in his prime he would love to wrestle Jon Moxley, Bray Wyatt, Ricochet and Darby Allin

WWE Hall Of Famer recently appeared Thunder Rosa’s YouTube channel to talk about the wrestling business and some of the current talent.

Thunder Rosa asked Mick Foley what he thought of today’s hardcore and extreme matches compared to how they were in his day:

“I think everything has its time and place, so for example, when you and Britt had that amazing hardcore match, it rightfully blew people away. Part of the reason why it blew people away is people hadn’t seen something similar to it 10 minutes earlier.  Sometimes in ECW, you would see somebody with some type of kerosene or something. It was like, oh, you’re working the leg? It was like, oh, you’re using fire? Well yours is on a table, well mine’s on a chair. So it can be really difficult to make that lasting impression when so many people are doing something similar. When you and Britt were able to go out there and make that amazing impression on people, it was because it was done at the right place at the right time.”

Foley talking about the wrestlers of today that he would like to work with if he was still in his prime:

“Assuming I was near the top of the game, I would love to wrestle Moxley, Bray Wyatt or whatever incarnation he comes back as, but I also loved wrestling the smaller guys who did the flying because although I could not work every style, I could adapt to just about any style, and I could incorporate aspects of what anyone else did, and then put my own personal stamp on it.  So coming out of the gate when Ricochet came into WWE, you need a great opening feud.  I thought if I was that guy in my prime with someone who can do anything, but was also small enough for me to come across as a power wrestler which was not an easy thing, I think we could have really made an impression. There would be other guys like Darby Allin. In my prime, if I could have gotten my hands on Darby Allin.

The one thing I say sometimes that’s missing, and this is I guess a knock on Mr. McMahon, he wants every heel to look like they’re trying to win at every moment.  He’s real big on covers after everything. That’s great for some people, but Abdullah the Butcher didn’t go for covers. He looked like he was there to end your life. Sometimes what’s missing is that aspect that the babyface is not fighting for a win, he’s literally fighting for his life. I think that’s one of the things that’s missing there. It’s another one that you can’t overdo it  You can’t have five matches like that, but if you had one certifiable madman, I would like to think that in my prime, if I had a guy like Darby Allin, I would be looking out and there would be tears falling as people feared for his life. You try to put that person in a world of hurt and hate, and have them fight their way out of it.”

Click below to watch part 1 and 2 of the interview with Foley.

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