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UPDATE: Mick Foley is back on Twitter

ORIGINAL: WWE Hall Of Famer Mick Foley took to social media today to comment on Ric Flair's last match in Nashville last night.

Foley said that he didn't know that The Undertaker would be there until 20 minutes before he showed up. Foley also made it clear that there is no heat with Taker. This clears up some of the social media speculation from fans who thought that Foley was upset because Taker did not mention him during his WWE Hall Of Fame induction speech.

Many of you may have noticed that Mick Foley's Twitter account has been hacked and it's clearly not him tweeting over the last couple of days. Foley said that he's working on getting the account back and someone is trying to extort him for money. 

Here is Foley's full post on last night, Taker, and Twitter:

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My son Hugh went along for a boys night out with Dad - and what an amazing night we had! Not only did I get to put my daughters boyfriend, Frank the Clown in his place, but we took in some great matches, I saw some old friends, and was part of the joyous atmosphere backstage – the likes of which I have seldom seen.

I did not even know that The Undertaker was coming until about 20 minutes before he arrived. It certainly was good to sit with and reminisce with someone I had so much shared history with. And no, there is no heat whatsoever between me and The Undertaker.

Great matches come and go. On the occasions I had to headline PPV shows, you walk through the curtain after the match, and the crew is breaking down the arena, and there’s only a handful of your colleagues who haven’t hit the road. Wrestlemania would be the major exception to that rule. But last night, there was this amazing sense of history and joy backstage. I am so glad I had a chance to be part a great night of wrestling history.

In not so good news, my Twitter account has been hacked. Someone is trying to extort me for money, and until further notice, or you see a video of me saying otherwise, please don’t fall for any scams this person is trying to perpetrate."