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Mick Foley thinks WrestleMania 36 will be John Cena’s final match

John Cena is gearing up for his next match under the WWE banner. 

He’ll have a WrestleMania rematch with Bray Wyatt at the upcoming WrestleMania 36 pay-per-view event. Cena beat Wyatt in a singles match at WrestleMania 30 in 2014. 

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley made an appearance on The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast where he spoke about a wide range of topics. 

The pro wrestling legend is a big fan of Wyatt as he passed on the Mandible Claw to him. However, he wasn’t happy with Goldberg beating Wyatt to win the Universal Title back at the Super ShowDown event. 

Despite his disapproval of this booking decision, he doesn’t think Wyatt needs the title to stay over. In fact, he wouldn’t be surprised to see not only Wyatt beat Cena but do it in the final match of Cena’s career. 

“[Laughs] I wasn’t happy with it, but The Fiend is not someone who needs a title to define him,” stated Foley. “It’s gonna be very interesting and I think it adds another huge match as John Cena gave an impassioned promo and it leads me to believe this will be his final match. I would not be surprised to see The Fiend come out of Mania stronger than ever.

“I think in the future [The Fiend] does not need a title. He’s an attraction in the same way as Roddy Piper never needed a title. I didn’t care for the way it was taken off of him, but he’s a guy who always lands on his feet. I think he’ll come out of Mania just fine and he’ll be a huge star for WWE for years to come. He’s got The Mandible Claw! How could he not?”

Foley also talked about AEW’s Britt Baker and liking talent to use his old move set in their matches. You can listen to the entire interview by clicking on the player below:


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