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Mick Foley to address the "controversy" over WWE hiring his son Dewey

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Mick Foley noted on twitter that he would be addressing the "controversy" over WWE hiring his son. As noted on Wednesday, WWE has hired his son Dewey for a spot on the WWE Creative team. The word got out shortly after Mick's recent comments on the current state of WWE. Mick had expressed his frustration with the product last week but seemed to backtrack somewhat on some of his comments and he was complimentary of this week's episode of Raw.

Some fans have been critical of Mick because the feeling from some was that he wasn't being as critical of WWE because of his son being hired by the company.

For the record, I believe Dewey has known for weeks that he was getting the position with WWE and that didn't seem to keep Mick from holding back last week on his feelings about the creative.

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