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Mick Foley will be donating his brain for CTE research after he passes



WWE Hall Of Famer Mick Foley will be donating his brain to science for CTE research after he passes away. Foley joins Kevin Nash and RVD as both of them recently announced that they will be donating their brains to CTE research.

Foley had been hesitant to do so until being talked into it by Chris Nowinski.

"I have been approached," Foley told Minneapolis Star Tribune reporter C.J. at a 2014 autograph signing. "These are some tough questions here. You see how quickly I did those autographs? We got through a few hundred people fairly quickly. Signing my name on that form to donate my brain took a long time."

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"It’s a big step, but if other people can learn from what I’ve done, I’m willing to do it," Foley said. "I believe as long as I can continue to say the words Boston Center for Traumatic Encephalopathy that my brain is still working okay."

Foley, who has expressed concern about possibly sustaining permanent brain damage from bumps taken during his wrestling career, is a celebrity partner with the Sports Legacy Institute.