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During her interview on "Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw," former WWE star/Impact Wrestling's Mickie James talked about almost being the manager of CM Punk in WWE. She actually did manager him on Sunday Night Heat but the segment never aired.

"I was supposed to debut before and it was with CM Punk as his manager on Sunday [Night Heat]. I was so devastated at that moment when Hunter came back and said, 'I like both you guys. I just don't see it together.' 

James continued, "They filled that spot with some replays of something else that happened on RAW with Rhyno or something. I was so devastated at that moment, but then I went like, 'How different would my career be if my introduction to the WWE Universe was Sunday Night Heat, a manager for CM Punk?' Would it have been great? Probably, yeah, but it wouldn't have been what Trish and I had which was really special and it was a game changer. I think it really started to help flip the script to say, Okay, well women can also be just two females, a main storyline driven thing, because that was really one of the first ones that I can recall.”

There was a lot more covered on this show from her time in WWE, TNA and more.

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