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Mickie James issues a challenge to a former WWE Superstar for Evolution pay-per-view



As noted last night, you can expect everyone from the main roster and wrestlers from NXT to be a part of the Evolution pay-per-view in October. The show is going to run approximately 4 hours so they will have spots open for a special attraction match or two.

WWE's press release noted that Trish Stratus, Lita and other former Superstars would be on the show and it didn't take long for someone to issue a challenge to Stratus. Long-time WWE fans might remember that Stratus and Mickie James were rivals in the mid-2000's and they have become good friends in real life.

Following last night's Monday Night Raw, James issued a challenge to Stratus for one more match. They met briefly in the women's Royal Rumble in January but, if the match at Evolution happens, it would be their first one on one match since 2006.

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As of this writing, Stratus has yet to respond but the reaction on social media indicates that fans want it so hopefully, Vince McMahon is on board with making this match.