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Mickie James on returning to WWE and possible match with Charlotte Flair



Former WWE Women's Champion Mickie James recently appeared on TJRWrestling Podcast this week to talk about her return to WWE at NXT Takeover Toronto against Asuka for the NXT Women's Title. During the podcast, James was asked about returning to the company. James said that she is super excited for the match and the opportunity to return to WWE but admitted that she doesn’t know what's to come after the match. She added that she is so honored because she has been wanting to return to WWE even if it was for one more more match for the longest time to solidify her career in a way that she wanted to. “To be able to have that opportunity to come back and do that and hopefully tear the house down, it's already gotten publicity, and the fan reaction has been incredible even before we've gotten in the ring,” James said.

When asked about a possible match with RAW Women's Champion Charlotte Flair, James said that it would be awesome to work with her. “ I feel like I would have a different kind of match with her than she's ever had,” James said. She added that she could hopefully push her and elevate her to another level.

James also talked about the fan reaction on social media to the news of her return, other women in WWE's roster and more. You can listen to the entire interview here:

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