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Mickie James rips WWE for releasing Bray Wyatt and giving his gimmick to someone else

Mickie James took to Twitter to rip on WWE for releasing Bray Wyatt. James implied that WWE took his gimmick to someone else (Alexa Bliss) so they could continue to make money. James clarified in another tweet that her tweet was not an attack on Bliss.

James tweeted, I think what you meant to say was: “Thank you so much for coming up with such an incredible gimmick(time & time again)one so cool & over, we really didn’t know how to book it right. So we just gave it to someone else so we can still make ALL the money off of it & let you go”

Her follow-up tweet: “This isn’t against Alexa. I love her. She’s an incredible performer who is killing it in a role she was given. She always does. We as artists take every role we’re given & turn it into gold. He, she, they both did that. Like it/not. Facts are facts. So sorry if that offends you.”

While Mickie James may be one of the few to say something like this publicly, there are many who would privately say the same thing. Wyatt has a lot of friends in WWE and was praised for the work he did to help others out backstage. Wyatt had a lot of input but many of his ideas were filtered out by creative and never made it to WWE TV.

Matt Hardy also reacted with this GIF:

Adam Scherr, the former Braun Strowman, tweeted:

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