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Mickie James says the person in WWE who tried to ‘sabotage or devalue’ her is still working for the company

Mickie James gave more details on her WWE run and her exit from the company on the Grown Ass Women podcast.

James said she got an apology from the company for the trash bag incident but added that the person who tried to sabotage her is still with WWE.

She did not name the person but apparently, she is not talking about Mark Carrano since he has been fired. For most of James’ run on the main roster since her return to the company, she has been in the background.

The one storyline where she was given more TV time was a couple of years ago when Alexa Bliss was scripted to make fun of her age, despite the fact that she was only in her late 30s at the time and man of the male wrestlers are positioned at the top of the card well into their 40s.

James said, “I will say this. The person that was/is responsible for me feeling like sh*t and like for, I feel like, completely trying to sabotage or devalue me and make feel less than is still very much employed, and that’s f**king the worst, you know what I mean?”

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