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Mike Bennett on how he and Maria Kanellis found out about their WWE release, his thoughts on Vince McMahon



During an interview with WrestleTalk, Mike Bennett (fka Mike Kanellis) spoke about his release from WWE.

As previously noted, Bennett and wife Maria Kanellis were one of many wrestlers released this week as part of budget cuts related to the coronavirus pandemic.

Bennett said he is doing good under the circumstances and but he wasn't expecting to be released during a pandemic. He did acknowledge that he wanted to be let go last year but that was when he was just looking to work and if WWE wasn't going to use him then he wanted to work for another wrestling company. Given the circumstances, there are very limited options right now for wrestlers since AEW is unlikely to hire too many people right now and all of the smaller wrestling companies are not running shows.

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Bennett said, "So, I mean in the sense that in my head it was always like if there is going to be releases, it’s probably going to be me and probably going to be my wife, just because my wife has been out on maternity leave and they weren’t doing anything with me. I had already asked for my release in the past, though we did work things out after that. I didn’t want it to happen during a pandemic. And I think that’s a hard thing for me to try to explain to people, not to go off topic, but there are a lot of people who are like ‘well he did ask for his release,’ which I did, but my wife never did and I want to get that clear, my wife was happy to stay there. But it’s like, you think in the back of your head, yes I did ask for my release, but no one wants to be released in the middle of a pandemic. You ask for your release when you think you can go and do other things. I asked for my release because I wasn’t working and I wanted to work."

Bennett said that wrestlers were given a heads up before calls were made. The heads up was a video that was sent of Vince McMahon saying that people would be getting laid off. Bennett says that he and wife Maria knew that they would be let go. "It's us, it’s going to happen," Mike says he told his wife.

Bennett said the call came from Mark Carrano an hour later and then there was a call to his wife. Bennett said he has nothing to negative to say about Carrano or Vince McMahon. Bennett said about McMahon: "You hear these terrible stories about Vince but like, he was always good to me, he was really. It just didn’t click."

You can check out the full interview below: