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Mike Chioda: I think Vince McMahon is very concerned about AEW

WrestlingNewsCo composite/WWE/AEW

WrestlingNewsCo composite/WWE/AEW

Former WWE referee took some more questions from fans on the recent episode of "Monday Mailbag" on Chioda discussed his preferred travel, referees discretion, his relationship with Vince Russo, "Superstar" Billy Graham, and more.

Mike was asked, “As someone who knows Vince personally, do you think he’s truly concerned about AEW now?”

“Yes, I think he is. He always wants to be on top. I have seen him demolish and step on a lot of territories around the country and around the world. He wants to be #1. Everybody wants to be #1 whether it’s in their sport, in their career, or owning a company. I definitely think he’s very concerned right now because they’re picking up some good talent. I know Vince. Vince is concerned.”

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Mike goes on to say, “AEW’s ratings are going up. People are interested. I’m interested in watching AEW. They’re selling out arenas. The energy in the crowd is just phenomenal now. They went from one show to two shows now. Everybody is talking AEW.”

Click below to listen to the entire podcast.

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