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Mike Chioda recalls Umaga legit passing out after John Cena choked him out at WWE Royal Rumble 2007



On this week's edition of "Monday Mailbag," Mike Chioda was asked to give his recollection of the finish of the Last Man Standing match between John Cena and Umaga at Royal Rumble 2007.

“Umaga couldn’t answer anything. He was out like a light. That’s why I got so worried about Eckie (Umaga)," Chioda said.

"I was thinking, was he concussed? But no, the rope got him and choked him out, and he passed out. I didn’t even know Eckie was passed out. He was shoot passed out. He was totally out of it."

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"He finally woke up. I was like, 'Are you alright? That was nuts.' It was the ring rope that choked him out. John was pulling too hard. He was tugging too hard," Chioda continued.

"I felt bad because as a referee, you have to know what’s going on in there. I was like, ‘Eckie, I just thought you were selling so good.’ He said, ‘I was trying to tell you but I couldn’t get it out.’ He couldn’t talk but he was trying to tell me it was too tight, and I couldn’t even hear him."

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