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Mike Kanellis: "I’d love to go to NXT. I just wanna work and wrestle"



Mike Kanellis is in his physical prime right now. He has overcome injuries and a pain pill addiction. There was so much anticipation for his debut on the main roster last year alongside his wife Maria Kanellis but things are seemingly on hold. The idea was for them to be paired together on TV but Maria was given time off when she learned that she was pregnant.

Mike has been booked on live events in recent months but the roster is so stacked and there is no guarantee that he will be used regularly as a featured act on Raw unless there is a push for him from someone on creative. He has a lot to offer and it's clear that he loves the wrestling business and wants to contribute. He is also in the best shape of his life and, at just 33 years old, he has many years ahead of him in the ring.

So, what can Mike Kanellis do to get some more ring time? During a recent Q&A, a fan on Twitter suggested that, perhaps, he would be better served if he switched over to NXT. The fan said, "I think you'd have a great stage to define yourself to the WWE audience + great feuds w/ EC3, Aleister, & more."

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Kanellis was receptive to the idea and said that he'd love to work in NXT. Honestly, it wouldn't be a bad idea. He would get more air time and he would come across as a major star. It would allow WWE to re-introduce him on the main roster in a year or two with a fresh start.

Let's hope WWE management is reading and hopefully, they will consider this.