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Mike Rotunda: Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas might not be done with wrestling, Vince McMahon didn't give Bo a chance

Rotunda family/Twitter

Rotunda family/Twitter

WWE Hall Of Famer Mike Rotunda was interviewed on Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw. He shared many stories from his days as an active wrestler, including one fun story about Bob Orton and Roddy Piper.

Rotunda was asked about his sons Taylor (Bo Dallas) and Windham (Bray Wyatt) getting into the business and if he was excited when they made the decision to become pro wrestlers.

Rotunda said, "I didn't push them to get into it. And I told them, I said, it's a hard business, you know, you're gonna have to go through a lot of sh*t. And of course, I think it's a natural thing with them. Their grandfather did it, their uncles did it, their dad did it. No matter what you try to tell them, they're gonna try to go do it. You know? And they did and they were both successful. Vince, I don't think gave my younger son Taylor a chance because Taylor is a hard worker. He really is. You can't teach that timing and stuff and Windham had a great, great gimmick. He got over because he could talk and it was a unique situation. So I'm proud of them both.

Rotunda then hinted that his sons are not done in the wrestling business. He said, "They're definitely not maybe done. I don't know, they're kind of got their foot in and going with a couple different things, trying to see what's available. So, you know, maybe you'll see them back. Maybe you won't, I don't know yet, but I don't want to speak for them either because I know they're trying to reach out and get some different things going.

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Rotunda also talked about his years as an agent/WWE Producer. He said he didn't enjoy it because it was a high stress job.

Rotunda said, "I didn't [enjoy it]. I can't believe it lasted 13 years at that. It's a stressful job and you know when everything went to live television it even got more stressful because you could fix something on a tape if you had a tape and something went wrong but once it got everything became live it just was an enormous amount of stress to do that job, it really was. You know and you're trying to do the best you can but not everything is gonna go right. It's the wrestling business you know, it's not like cookie cutter stuff. You know it's like running a football play. You're gonna run five plays and maybe two of them are going to not work out so you know sh*ts gonna happen. It was very stressful though."

Rotunda added, "Some guys are easier to work with too and some want to do their own thing and you will take the heat if they want to do their own thing. Even though you told them not to, the blame falls on the producer [and] not the talent nine out of 10 times so yeah, it was very stressful. But also it gave me another 13 years in the business on top of 23 years of working so that was a pretty long career."

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