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Million Dollar Champion crowned at WWE NXT TakeOver: In Your House



The Million Dollar Championship was resurrected at NXT TakeOver: In Your House for the winner of a match between Cameron Grimes and LA Knight.

Ted DiBiase got his entrance and the belt was brought out in a case by security before the match got started.

They had a regular wrestling match for a couple of minutes before they had a ladder joust in the ring. Grimes shoved Knight to the barricade with a ladder and then followed up with the soccer kick to the head. There were ladders all around the ringside area.

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The first big ladder spot happened when Grimes German suplexed Knight's back onto a ladder that was sitting in the corner of the ring. Knight came back with a neck breaker onto the ladder. Shortly after, Knight tried to shove Grimes into a ladder that was positioned on the top turnbuckle but Grimes countered and Knight's head smashed into the ladder. Knight also took a back body drop onto another ladder and another big bump onto a ladder bridge outside of the ring.

Grimes brought the gold ladder in the ring to grab the belt but Knight got up and was shoved off but Knight pushed the ladder with Grimes on it and Grimes fell into the ring. Late in the match, Grimes was close to grabbing the belt in the case but Knight toppled the ladder and Grimes crashed through a ladder bridge outside of the ring. Knight then grabbed the case to win the title.

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