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Miro on AEW letting him promote his social media channels, Mike Bennett on why things didn’t work out in WWE

Busted Open Radio welcomed former WWE stars Mike Bennett and Miro to their show this week. They talked about their exit from WWE and what the future holds for them.

Mike Bennett talked about entering WWE: “I showed up in WWE which was my dream job and it’s what I’ve always wanted to do.  I didn’t show up in the best shape.  I showed up addicted to drugs and not ready to go.  First impressions are a big deal so if the first impression that Vince or anybody else got there was, well he had 3 months to sit at home before we brought him here and he’s not in the best shape of his life, then what’s he been doing.  And oh, we signed this guy who’s addicted to drugs?  Maybe we need to look at our venting process a little better.  You add those things together and I think there’s a percentage of the failures that fall on me.  Even if you take it and say maybe it’s not all on me and it’s all on WWE, but still, I’m in this position now so again it may not be my fault but it is my responsibility.  That’s how I’m looking at it moving forward.  Was there bad creative along the way?  Of course, there was but I tried to make the most of it.  I tried to make the most of what I was given.  I actually liked the challenge of that crazy RAW angle of submitting to my wife all the time and I wanted to see what I could get out of it.  Who knows maybe it’s the best thing that would happen to me.”

Miro talked about the “brass ring” interview he gave on AEW:  “I’m usually very positive.  But certain times, you put all your heart and soul into a certain thing and you don’t feel like it’s coming to fruition because of one reason or another.  It was so disheartening over the years so I saw Chris before the interview.  I told him my idea and he said I should talk about the brass ring.  I was like, do I ask for forgiveness after?  He said, no you don’t have to ask for anything.  You just go ahead and do it.  It’s a great promo.  I was shocked because I was so used to a different style. It was very important to say it because I actually meant all these things.  Over the years I gathered all these emotions and I needed one little second to express my frustration for the past 10 years and now let’s move on.  Let’s forget what we did. Let’s forget everything. Let’s start AEW Dynamite.”

Miro was asked if it is going to build up a new name: “I don’t think it’s difficult at all.  I feel ever since I got let go, I did good on my downtime. I started my Twitch, I promote my own channel, I started doing some YouTube, I started promoting myself. Both channels grew so fast. It shows just how amazing our audience is. A wrestling crowd doesn’t forgive anybody or does not forget stuff.  If you’ve done good, yea, they will remember you.  I hope that’s the case. It has been so far.  Now when people see me on the street they call me Miro.  it’s only been one week.  I think this is great.  Also being with a company that actually promotes my stuff.  AEW promotes my YouTube channel and they promote my social media. They want me to do good because this is the wave of the future.  All these other dinosaurs, we don’t need them.  We need Miro people and need the new age that will take AEW to the mainstream.  This is where I feel I come in. I want to put more eyes on the product.”

If you use any portion of the quotes from this article please credit Busted Open Radio with a h/t to for the transcription. Busted Open Radio can be heard on SiriusXM’s Fight Nation (Channel 156), Monday through Saturday from 9 am to Noon eastern.


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