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MJF: Cody Rhodes offered my parents tickets to WWE SmackDown in Long Island

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

MJF was back on "Barstool Rasslin's" podcast to talk AEW, WWE, Warlow and a bunch of random topics.

MJF talking about FTR:

“I honestly think they’re the best tag team of all time. I know to some, that may be a bold statement. I think in 20 years when people look back at all these great tag team’s body of work, The Dudley Boyz, The Hardy Boyz, Midnight Express, Rockers, Rock ‘N Roll Express, when you think of all these great, incredible tag teams, I think your going to have no choice but to bring up FTR.”

MJF talking about if he would want to wrestle Roman Reigns if he ever goes to WWE:

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“I would imagine. I think me and him would have a tremendous match. I think it would be a friendly competition. I would also love to wrestle Seth Rollins. I would love to wrestle The Miz.”

On Cody Rhodes:

“We still talk sometimes to this day. Cody Rhodes is a sweetheart. He texted my parents and offered them tickets for the Long Island show for SmackDown. They couldn’t go. They were busy, but I mean, it was very sweet of him to do. Have you seen his baby? What a cute baby.”

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