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MJF praises WWE PC for creating stars such as Alexa Bliss, Liv Morgan, Naomi, Roman Reigns, and others

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

MJF had an exchange with one fan who believes WWE hasn’t developed any talent at their Performance Center facility.

It all started when MJF stated that Pat Buck and Brian Myers’ Create A Pro wrestling school is “where Real wrestlers are taught Real wrestling.” MJF wasn’t taking a shot at WWE, but rather, he was touting the school that he trained at to become a pro wrestler.

A fan responded by saying the Performance Center has tied up millions of dollars and produced no one. MJF reacted by praising the training facility and creating several top stars

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He wrote, “Liv Morgan. Big E. Bianca Belair. Baron Corbin. Naomi. Alexa Bliss. Charlotte Flair. Roman reigns. Just to name a few. People on this app have fucking brainworms.”

As previously reported, MJF is not happy about his contract situation and the pay scale in AEW. In fact, he was offered a pay increase if he signed a new deal, but MJF is waiting for his existing deal to expire in January 2024 to see what WWE is willing to offer him.

MJF is said to be leaning towards signing with WWE when that time comes and has previously praised WWE’s product.