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MLB baseball player was the inspiration for The Viking Experience's individual names



Like it or not, Vince McMahon likes The Viking Experience name and it looks like that name will stick with them as long as they are under contract with WWE.

Several fans have asked about their individual names. Hanson is now known ad Ivar and Raymond Rowe is now known as Erik. WWE is known to take names from sports stars and celebrities or former wrestlers. For example, Lars Sullivan's name was inspired by Lars Anderson and Kevin Sullivan. Akam and Rezar's names were inspired by Occam's razor principle. The "Chad" in Chad Gable is from his real first name Charles but I was told his last name was inspired by Dan Gable.

Well, someone on WWE management is a baseball fan because I am told that former Minnesota Twins Shortstop Erick Aybar is the inspiration for the individual names for The Viking Experience. They basically took his name and made some changes to the spelling - see Erick (Irik) Aybar (Ivar). The Viking Experience name may have been taken from a 90s WWE Superstar. As noted earlier this week, the original idea was to call them The Berzerkers. 90s WWE wrestler John Nord's character was named The Viking for a few weeks before it was quietly changed to The Berzerker.

There are many other examples of names being recycled for wrestling. Here's just a few:

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Cool fact: Goldust's name came from the Gold Dust Trio (Ed "Strangler" Lewis, Billy Sandow and Joseph "Toots" Mondt). Billy Sandow was the inspiration for Damien Sandow's name. The Gold Dust Trio controlled pro wrestling in the 1920s and they are credited with the overall change of wrestling being a shoot towards being more pseudo-competitive (ie a work).