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MLW's Alex Hammerstone says his career stalled because he looked too much like Triple H



MLW National Openweight Champion Alex Hammerstone was interviewed on Konnan's "Keepin' It 100" podcast to talk about his career and to promote Major League Wrestling.

There was an interesting tidbit from Hammerstone on his career being stalled for a time because the belief was that he looked too much like Triple H when he had long hair.

Hammerstone said, “When he said that (Scott D’Amore telling him he looked too much like HHH), he was the final straw because I had been getting that a little bit up until then. I never tried to look like HHH. I beat around the idea of expanding and changing up what I was doing. It was that constant internal struggle of, well, what I’m doing has got me here. I’m main-eventing all these indies, but it’s not getting me any further.

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Do I give up on what got me to the dance and hopefully get something better, or do I just stick with what I’m doing and just keep going and going and going? I finally got to the point when D’Amore made the comment, he was just one final person to make the comment so I was like, well, that’s it. I cut the hair. Then I was like, if I cut the hair, that’s going to be such a shock. I might as well change up my entire presentation and change my music and my character and the way I do promos. Even my sound, the range changed a little bit. I started working more as a babyface. I did a whole lot of new stuff all at once. It was enough of a shock for some people for some people who wrote me off to give me another look.”

The entire interview can be heard via your favorite podcasting app on iOS and Android devices.

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