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MLW's Court Bauer comments on rumors of a working relationship with WWE, MLW's future on Vice and beyond

Major League Wrestling

Major League Wrestling

MLW owner Court Bauer was the guest on Sean Waltman's "Pro Wrestling 4 Life" podcast. Bauer was asked about upcoming television deals and the future of MLW.

Bauer was asked, “With you guys on Vice TV now, is there a chance we are going to see weekly live TV for MLW in the future?”

“We have our Vice deal. We are also talking with other guys and doing some interesting things. One of the big things we want to do is more live if it’s the right partner and what their goals are and what our goals that we’lll see where we can go with that. Doing it live has electricity to it. I think live wrestling is the best wrestling...There’s nothing like it. That’s one of the major things we want to do on the horizon in the new era is do more live. It’s just a matter of what our partner wants, how they want it, and how often they want it.”

Is the cost of going live going to be an issue?

“That’s really, kind of often, or should be the responsibility of the partner. They usually, typically, will take care of those production fees. If you’re going up on a satellite uplink, they’re absorbing that cost. We have a TV truck and those kinds of things. That’s built into doing the deal.”

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I thought that Azteca Underground was going to be a faction in MLW, but I also got the vibe that maybe it is going to be a second show that was in the lane of Lucha Underground. Is the intent to launch a second MLW show that is Azteca Underground with Dario Cueto, Mil Muertes, and all the others from that world?

“All I can say is we may or may have not received at least two bids for a second series that may or may not involve Azteca Underground.”

Will you be the lead into Dark Side of the Ring?

“Evan and Jason have been incredible to talk with. We’re spitballing on some cool stuff and how we can work together. People are like, ‘They are going to do Dark Side of MLW.’ No, no, no. If you look at how they run their show, how they built this incredibly successful series, there’s a lot of interesting stuff. They’re great creative minds in terms of how you produce TV, tell stories, the elements of documentaries in it. There's a lot of interesting stuff and we see a lot of connective tissue there. It has endless potential...We’ll see if Jason and Evan and MLW can collaborate and see where it goes. If you could see the other side of this office, you’ll see a white board with a bunch of ideas.”

Will you be entering into a working relationship with WWE?

“I can’t really say anything about that. We’ve always looked at different opportunities. We’ve worked with AAA. We’ve done some stuff with New Japan. Tom Lawler was just over at New Japan Strong. We’ve done stuff with NOAH. We’ve had a relationship with RevPro out of the UK. So, we are always open to things. It can’t be a short term transactional thing. ‘Oh great, we got a pop from the viewers, or we can do a crossover match and everyone will talk about it and it will trend on Twitter.’ To me, it has to be a long term vision. If the long term vision makes sense, cool. But, I don’t kiss rings. I don’t need that bullsh*t. Been there, done that. Would it make sense to me? How do our fans benefit? How does our talent benefit? How does the company as a whole benefit? Is there something that can mesh and build something that mutually works for them and works for us so you’re not just sitting there having a screw you. How can we enrich this? How does this work? How can we take this to the next level? Is there something there? Is there business there? Also, I have this complex thing where we’re launching on new networks and stuff, and do you want the premier to be, ‘Hey, it’s MLW plus this other thing’ You’re trying to get your talent over. Your talent worked to build this promotion to this point and now they are having to share that stage with someone else and their needs and their things. It’s confusing to the fans. Our partners are like, ‘We signed on to do this thing with MLW. Now you got this other company. What’s that about?’ It’s a little confusing. It can muddy the waters. Then you have the pandemic. It’s like, ok, you’re going to do all these dream matches. Where’s the money in that? To me, that’s just cheap stunt promoting. I would rather hold those cards until you can pull the trigger on something. We always evaluate things. We look at things. We’re always interested in that and I think the fans love that stuff, if it works out.”

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