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Mojo Rawley says he almost died from COVID-19, still suffering from effects of the virus 19 months later

Mojo Rawley


Former WWE star Mojo Rawley (Dean Muhtadi) announced on his Instagram account that he is still suffering the effects of COVID-19 and it's been 19 months since he got sick with the virus.

He wrote, "To everyone that knew about this beforehand, thank you for your discretion and allowing me to announce on my terms. It has been an extremely up and down 19 months. There’s been days I’ve felt normal, there’s been days I couldn’t breathe. The only constant has always been that I STAY HYPED!!!! Not 100% yet but close enough to announce: I am coming back!"

Rawley said that he was hospitalized and almost died and in the beginning, he couldn't speak because he couldn't get air in his lungs to talk. Rawley said the doctors did not know what to say because the virus was new at the time. He added that he's feeling better and he plans on returning to wrestling soon.

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Rawley last wrestled on the 6/15/20 episode of Friday Night SmackDown in a loss to Chad Gable. He was released by the company on 4/15/21. We're glad to hear that he is on the mend from the virus.