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Mojo Rawley Talks Backstage Situation at Friday's No Crowd WWE SmackDown



WWE Superstar Mojo Rawley recently appeared on SiriusXM's Busted Open Radio show. The SmackDown Superstar was on the broadcast to discuss his friend Rob Gronkowski joining WWE, as well as the situation at Friday's Performance Center based episode of SmackDown Live.

Mojo Rawley Back at The Performance Center

"I'm always at the Performance Center" Mojo Rawley began the interview. "I'm there every single day, because I live in Orlando. I don't go on vacation too often, but I had just landed in the Bahamas. I'm gonna do a few days actually with Gronk's brothers. I landed in the Bahamas, I turned my phone on and the first text is from WWE saying 'can you get to SmackDown tomorrow?' And I looked around at the beach and said...I'll be right back."

"It was insane"

Mojo Rawley elaborated further, saying "It was insane. [But] I was pretty excited about it. You know, being at the Performance Center having a show with no fanfare. I mean that's what we do, what WWE is about [reacting to fans]. That's how we gauge all of our matches. [I was] curious and intrigued to see what it was gonna be like. Not only that, like I said I'm there training every day."

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Mojo Rawley


"I just wanted to see how they would transform the building"

Mojo Rawley finished by discussing how the actual PC building itself was 'transformed' on the night. "I just wanted to see how they would transform the building and you know what rooms are gonna be the locker rooms and where catering was gonna be. In the meeting rooms!? It was wild man. There was really no people in there, I mean when Smackdown started Friday. I think at any given point you could be maybe see one other person in whatever room you're in. Because the Performance Center is huge and we didn't have that many guys on the show yesterday. So it's like a ghost town back there, I was wondering where people kept popping out of to go into gorilla for segments."

If you use any of the quotes from this article please credit Mojo Rawley and Busted Open Radio; with an h/t to for the transcription.