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Molly Holly "cried for four hours" when WWE cut down her Hall Of Fame speech to two minutes but WWE made things right for her



Molly Holly was recently interviewed on Busted Open Radio to talk about her wrestling career and her recent induction into the WWE Hall Of Fame. Molly said that she was originally given 15 minutes for her speech but then it was cut down to just a couple of minutes and she did not take it as well but WWE allowed her to give her full speech on their YouTube account.

Molly said: “It was awesome that Hurricane Helms was the one to tell me that I was going to be inducted in the Hall of Fame. The fact that he legitimately, for real, got choked up and was super proud of me, that was really special. I loved that moment. Behind the scenes, after that, I was told that I would have about 15 minutes to give a speech, so I spent a lot of time and had three friends of mine that are professional writers help me. I practiced it for 60 hours. I have a regular 9 to 5 job, and after work everyday, I would practice it while I was going for a walk. I worked really hard on it.

Then, a couple days before, they said, Oh, never mind. You actually have two minutes to give your speech.’ I cried for like four hours. A lot of times when I used to wrestle full time, they would tell us, ‘You have 12 minutes to wrestle, and then right before we walk out, they would be like, ‘Nope, nope, you have four minutes.’ We were so ready to tell a story of good vs evil, and give the fans their money’s worth, now it’s just entrances, two moves, and the match. It would be such a heartbreak.

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I think I took a lot of that resentment, or hurt, or whatever, from 20 years ago, and piled it on that moment when they cut my speech down. I was so sad, but, here’s the good news. The WWE made it right and they let me give my speech on their Youtube page, which is like 75 million people that can look at that. Sure, I was so hurt, and then I was so happy that they let me thank Dean Malenko and Lanny Poffo, and these people that really helped shape my career. It’s been a roller coaster of emotions for me.”

Click below to check out Molly's full Hall Of Fame speech.

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