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WWE Monday Night Raw 6-2-14 - Full Results

We are live with Raw coverage.

Raw kicks off with highlights from last night's main event at Payback.

Opening segment - Evolution comes out to the ring. Triple H has a black left eye. Triple says that the funny thing is that the fans and the Shield think this is over. Triple H says that he never loses and he always wins and this will not be over until the Shield exists no longer. Triple H said that happens tonight. Batista took the mic and said that he doesn't want another match because he's been there, done that. He said he wants a one on one championship match that Triple H promised him. Triple H said that there's a reason he is a leader and the boss..because he has the ability to see the bigger picture and there's a plan. Batista said he doesn't care about his plan and The Shield. Batista said that he earned a one on one championship match and he wants it tonight. Triple H said he can't give him a title match since Daniel Bryan is injured and even if he did Batista would probably choke on it. Triple H said sorry and things are just stressful righ tnow. He asked Batista if he wanted to go down as the guy that couldn't beat The Shield and he's not going down starting a fight he couldn't finish. He said no one is getting anything until they finish the Shield. Batista says he understands. Then he quit and walked off. Triple H asked if he was going to run back to Hollywood and not to come back when his movie craps. He yelled at Batista to come back.

Rob Van Dam and Sheamus vs. Bad News Barrett and Cesaro - This was a long TV match with a commercial break in the middle. Paul Heyman was on commentary. As always, Paul was great on commentary. On commentary, Lawler said that Batista looked like a big smurf last night with his blue outfit. #Bluetista was trending again worldwide. Late in the match Heyman and Cesaro walked off and left Barrett online. Sheamus hit the brogue kick on Barrett and then RVD hit the five star frog splash for the pin. RVD and Sheamus win.

Later tonight, The Wyats face The Usos.

Damien Sandow/Big Show segment - Sandow is dressed as Lance Stephenson from the Indiana Pacers. He did basic heel mic work and made fun of the Pacers since the Pacers are out of the playoffs. Sandow said that Lebron James is the greatest player in history. He said that the Pacers are a losing team from a losing city. He said he's just stating facts. There's a basketball net in the ring. Chris Copeland from the Pacers was at ringside. Big Show came out. Sandow dared Show to "get on the board". He gave Show the basketball. He tossed the ball at Sandow and then knocked him out with his punch and then dunked the basketball.

Kofi Kingston vs. Bo Dallas - Bo said that there is only reason why the Heat beat the players. It's because every player (especially Lebron James) all BOlieved. Bo wins with the Bodog. He did his victory lap after the match. Bo tried to shake Kofi's hand but Kofi pushed him off. They showed an interview with Batista from the WWE App. Renee was backstage and tried to get an interview with Evolution but got Steph instead. Steph said she has a scoop on the WWE title up next.

Hour 2 segment - Stephanie McMahon comes out. She said that Daniel Bryan chose himself over what's best for business and over his wife by not doing what's right last night. She said everyone deserves a fighting champion. But she said he stood impotently by while she fell on the sword. Steph said that Brie should have been fired on the spot when she put her hands on Steph. Steph said that Daniel Bryan will be defending the title against Kane in a stretcher match at Money in the Bank. If Bryan can't compete then the Money in the Bank match will be for the vacated title. John Cena interrupts. Steph congratulated Cena on his match from last night. She said she hopes he's ok. He thanked her. Fans chanted "Cena sucks." Cena said that she makes tough choices but some of them are kind of questionable. Fans did the dueling "lets go Cena, Cena sucks" chants. Cena said he's an employee but he speaks to Steph as a champion who knows what it's like to lose and give away a championship. Steph said that John did it without question because he knew what was right. Cena said that no one person is bigger than that championship including a spoiled, jealous, egomaniac named Stephanie McMahon. He told her to face the fact that Daniel Bryan is really good. Cena said that Bryan proves that he's championship material every time he's in the ring. Cena said that Bryan beat him fair and square at Summerslam and she took it from him. She said that "all of this" is her fault because Bryan is afraid of not getting another chance and afraid that he'll be eliminated from WWE. Steph said Bryan is good but not great and not a champion like Cena. She said that as a boss and leader she must do whats best for business. Cena said that he and Triple H have had surgeries that have taken them out of action. Cena said "YOU, had surgeries." That got laughs from the crowd. Cena said she's embarrassing herself. Cena ranked her a zero on her job evaluation. He said zero means she sucks. Steph put him in a match with Kane for right now. She said that payback's a bitch and "so am I."

John Cena vs. Kane - the match started during the commercial break. Kane was disqualified for beating on Cena in the corner and not breaking when the ref told him to. Cena wins by DQ. After the match Kane threw Cena into the steel steps. Cena turned things around though and was able to pick up the steps and threw them at Kane and knocked Kane out. Kane got up and went nuts outside. He smashed a chair on the announcers table.

They showed highlights from the opening segment.

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Los Matadores vs. 3MB - Slater had a microphone. Slater says they thought that they shaved Hornswoggle's head but now he's back and better than ever thanks to miracle grow. Hornswoggle came out with an afro wig. During the match El Torito ripped off the wig and revealed a skullet. He didn't shave the rest of the head. Slater was distractred as Hornswoggle ran off allowing Los Matadores to win. Del Rio vs. Ziggler is a qualifying match for MITB that is coming up later.

Nikki Bella vs. Alicia Fox and Aksana - Apparently this match was set up on the WWE app as punishment from Stephanie. Alicia and Aksana won the match. Alicia tossed Nikki outside of the ring and then Alicia went nuts in the ring and just ran the ropes. Alicia continued attacking on the outside. She yelled Hashtag Winning and Hashtag Losing while pointing at the audience. They cut to Rowan and Harper backstage. Harper said that they will take up his cause (Bray). They cut a promo on The Usos and said that they will suffer for their misdeeds. Harper said "follow the buzzards."

Adam Rose vs. Jack Swagger - Zeb cut a promo on the crowd during the break and asked if they're depressed because Payton Manning left Indiana. He said Adam Rose needs to be deported. Rose got his full entrance with his rosebuds. Fans seemed to be into the match and sang his song during the match. Rose won the match with his finisher the Party Foul. He celebrated on the outside with his rosebuds. Backstage, Byron Saxton interviewed The Usos.

Legends House commercial. The Legends will be part of a comedy roast on the next episode.

The Wyatts vs. The Usos (non-title match) - Bray is not with Harper and Rowan. The rocking chair is empty. They had a commercial break in this match. Harper and Rowan dominated the match early and through the break. Lots of near falls. Rowan hit a modified sidewalk slam. Harper and Rowan won the match. Cole says that this win puts them in the tag title picture. Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns later tonight. Del Rio vs. Ziggler is next.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Alberto Del Rio - this is a MITB qualifying match. Del Rio put Ziggler in the cross armbar to make Ziggler submit. Del Rio qualifies for MITB in 4 weeks. After the match they talked about the Rhodes brothers apparent split from last night. They showed Cody and Goldust talking backstage. Lawler said that Cody has helped hand pick a partner for Goldust.

Rybaxel vs. Goldust and Sin Cara - Sin Cara is the partner that Cody picked for Goldust. This was a decent tag match. Sin Cara missed his finisher off the top and was hit by Axel's finisher. Rybaxel wins.

Rusev and Lana's Hero of the Russian Federation Ceremony - Lana said that America likes to project the image that Americans are the heroes and always save the day and do the right thing. She told the fans to stop the USA chants. She said that Americans deny true heroes like Edward Snowden their rights. She said that he can practice free speech in Russia and in Russia they honor their heroes because Russia is the super power of the world and is led by the greatest leader Vladimir Putin. She said Putin approved the honoring of Rusev tonight. She introduced Rusev. Rusev came out in a suit waiving the Russian flag. There were 3 men in the ring dressed in suits. Rusev stood on a podium as fans chanted "USA, USA." Lana is doing a great job in her role. One of the men presented him with a medal. They claimed that the medal was created by Vladimir Putin. Rusev spoke in Russian. Lana said "long live mother Russia.. long live the super athlete Rusev." She asked everyone to rise and show respect to the Russian national anthem. They played the anthem with confetti falling from the ceiling. Then they cut to commercial.

Back from the break, the showed Trent Richardson from the Colts in the crowd. Bray Wyatt returns on Smackdown.

Randy Orton vs Roman Reigns - Ambrose said that they are bruised and beaten up but they feel great because they eliminated every member of Evolution last night. Rollins said earlier tonight everyone saw Evolutions implosion and the reason Evolution perished is because even though they are 3 of the greatest superstars in history they were not one like the Shield. In the end they were just 3 stranges standing on the same side of the ring. Reigns said they weren't brothers. He told Randy to bring his ass out so he could break his jaw with the symbol of excellence. This match is starting at 11:03 so it looks like we're getting an angle here. Orton came out with Triple H. H had a sledgehammer so The Shield grabbed chairs. Triple H said last night was plan A. Tonight is plan B. Rollins attacked Ambrose and Reigns. Rollins left the ring and gave the chair to Orton. Orton then went in the ring and beat on Reigns and Ambrose with the chair. This would have been better if the crowd was into it but they were silent for this. Orton ripped Reigns vest and hit an RKO on the chair. That's how the show ended.

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