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Monday Night Raw 6/16/14 full results

We are live with Raw coverage.

Opening segment – The entire Raw roster is on stage. The Authority is kicking off Raw. They showed highlights of last week when Steph stripped Daniel Bryan of the WWE title. Triple H said that the roster and the WWE Universe deserves better and deserve a fighting champion. He said that standing on the stage right may very well be the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Stephanie announced a battle royal for tonight. Triple H said that some superstars won’t compete in the battle royal because they refuse to evolve and comply with authority. Those superstars are Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns and John Cena. Triple H said that he knows how much John Cena loves to help people (Daniel Bryan and The Shield) so tonight he can help the Authority. Triple H said that Cena has his opportunity to enter the World Heavyweight Championship ladder match in a stretcher match with Kane. Kane’s music played as an ambulance backed into the arena. Medics brought out a stretcher to ringside.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Seth Rollins – Rollins is still wearing his old Shield ring outfit. A few minutes in they went to a commercial break. Great match, as expected, with lots of near falls. Rollins hit the curb stomp and was about to go for the pin when he was attacked by Dean Ambrose. Rollins took off. Ambrose grabbed the mic and said that it’s not over until he gets his hands on him. He told him to come back to the ring and fight like a man. Triple H popped up on the big screen. Triple H said that the good news for Dean is that he likes to fight but he’s afraid he’s got some bad news for him (in Wade Barrett’s voice). Bad News Barrett came out. So Barrett faces Dean Ambrose next.

Bad News Barrett vs. Dean Ambrose – During the commercial break Barrett said that Ambrose is now all on his own and the Hounds of Justice were all bark and no bite. He said that the best player has left the team, something that the good people are familiar with. Barrett said that the only thing that will be rocking tonight is his brain when he connects with the bull hammer. The match started during the commercial break. Barrett shoved Ambrose off the top of the ring and caused him to land on his shoulder. Ambrose is selling his shoulder. They went to another commercial break just a few minutes into the match. Rollins was back. Rollins jumped on the ring apron but was punched by Ambrose. Ambrose dove on to Barrett and Rollins to the outside of the ring. Rollins tried to run out through the crowd but Ambrose chased after him. Barrett won the match because the referee counted Ambrose out. Ambrose ran back in and attacked Barrett and hit him with his Dirty Deeds finisher.

Backstage Roman Reigns tells Vickie that she should put him in the battle royal. She was on her way to bringing coffee to Steph and Triple H. He said that she’s a Guerrero and that should mean something and shouldn’t kiss The Authority’s butt. She sat the coffee down and went to get sweetener. He put something in The Authority’s coffee. He asked her when she’s going to tell them to take this job and shove it. They cut to the Wyatt’s. They’re next.

Hour 2 segment – The Wyatt Family comes out. The lights are dim and there’s a ladder in the ring and the 2 belts are hanging over the ring. Bray said that without power you’d be tiny little mice running from tigers. He said that power can be so addicting. He said that you need and crave power and power will be the downfall of all mankind as we know it. He said that a powerful man is to be respected but a weak man is less valuable than the man that stains his clothes. He said that power and influence is his game. He said that his family are viewed as outcasts, worthless like dirt. He said that at money in the bank, his brothers are going to fight and they are going to destroy the Usos and take every bit of power they ever had. He said that power and influence at money in the bank he will stand at the top of the ladder and change the world as it is forever. He said that hanging above the ladder is his absolution. He said that hanging above the ladder is his glory and the change that we all have been praying for. He said that all he has to do is reach up and take up and he promises he will. Then he will truly be able to say that he has the whole world in his hand. Then he began singing the song. The crowd sung with him. Sheamus interrupted and said that it’s bad luck to walk under a ladder. Sheamus said he would shove his whole boot down Bray’s throat. Bray laughed. Sheamus said it’s time to fight. Bray pulled Erick and Luke out of the ring and the match started.

Bray Wyatt vs. Sheamus – The Usos came out as Harper and Rowan were about to attack Sheamus so the sides are evened. They went to commercial. Sheamus and Bray fought during the break in the ring and things settled down outside of the ring. Harper and Rowan attacked Sheamus as he was going for the Brogue Kick so the referee called for the bell. Everyone brawled outside. Harper and Rowan brought the ladder into the ring. Sheamus hit a rolling senton on the outside on Bray Wyatt and helped clear the ring. The Usos dove onto Harper and Rowan from the ladder set up in the ring. Sheamus then tossed the ladder onto them.

Backstage, Triple H and Stephanie are talking. Triple H bumped into Vickie and accidentally spilled the coffee on her. He tells her to go and get him another coffee. Commercial break.

After the break, Stephanie was interviewed by Renee Young. Stephanie had trouble speaking presumably because of what’s in her coffee. Paul Heyman then cut in and talked about Cesaro and cut another great promo.

Heath Slater vs. Rusev – Lana cut her promo in the ring this time. She mentioned Putin again and showed a graphic of a monument with Rusev on it. Heath Slater said that week after week they talk about how good Russia is. He said that if they like it so much then they should go back because he’s sick and tired of hearing of it and the WWE Universe is sick and tired of hearing it and tonight they’re going against the American rockstar in the USA. So I guess Heath is a babyface now. Rusev beat him quickly with The Accolade.

Backstage, Triple H is standing by the bathroom waiting for Stephanie. He tells Vickie to go in and check on her. Stephanie is coughing and then throws up on Vickie.  More WWE humor I guess. Triple H tells Vickie that she’s in charge while he leaves to take care of Steph. Vickie is angry.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial. Roman Reigns says that most likely Steph will fire her next week but she can still do something to stand up to the Authority. He asked her to put him in the battle royal. She said fine, he’s in. They showed a sneak peek of Kevin Hart’s new movie Think Like A Man Too. Renee interviewed Kevin Hart backstage. He plugged his movie. Adam Rose and the rosebuds joined in. Adam Rose said that his new movie is fantastic but he needs to start trying to think like a rosebud. Hart said he doesn’t know what he’s saying. Kevin told them not to sing in his ear. He hummed the song as he walked off.

Commercial break.

Fandango and Layla vs. Adam Rose and Summer Rae – Kevin Hart joins the announcers at ringside. They showed Layla dumping kitty litter and milk on Summer Rae from last week’s WWE Main Event. Summer Rae chased Layla out of the ring as Adam Rose got the pin in a quick match. Adam Rose invited Kevin Hart into the ring. Kevin Hart danced in the ring with Rose. They were both carried off by the rosebuds. The MITB qualifying battle royal is next.

Money In The Bank qualifying battle royal – Participants included Roman Reigns, Bo Dallas, Wade Barrett, Big E, Damien Sandow (dressed as Lebron James), Titus O’Neil, Los Matadores, Jack Swagger, Kofi Kingston, Rusev, Sin Cara, Fandango, Rob Van Dam, Xavier Woods, Santino Marella, and Rybaxel. Bo Dallas, Barrett, Rusev, Reigns, and Big E were the last 5 in the ring. Reigns eliminated Dallas and Rusev were the final 2. The crowd was hot for this. They chanted USA, USA as they fought. Reigns hit a superman punch to eliminate Rusev. Roman Reigns will be in the Money in the Bank title match.

Renee interviews John Cena backstage. Cena basically said that the impossible is possible since Reigns won the battle royal. He talked about his upcoming match with Kane. They showed a commercial for the Legends House reunion that airs on Thursday.

Commercial break.

Paige vs. Cameron – Paige won with the PTO submission. Naomi didn’t look happy. After the match they replayed some of the recent events with the Rhodes brothers. Byron Saxton interviewed Goldust. Goldust says that he’s met his partner and he is supergalactic.

Commercial break.

Goldust and Stardust vs. Rybaxel – Cody Rhodes is Stardust, as we noted in the spoiler earlier. Cody is dressed similar to Goldust in gold with facepaint. He also got his own music. Stardust got the pin. Quick match. The announcers talked about the Special Olympics in New Jersey. They showed news clips.

Commercial break.

John Cena vs. Kane (stretcher match) – no DQ, no countouts. You must put your opponent on the stretcher and push him across the finish line. The finish line is on the Raw stage. The stretcher was used as a weapon by both men early in the match. Kane brought the steel steps into the ring and was about to hit Cena with them but Cena dropkicked him causing Kane to fall head first onto the steps. Kane recovered and DDT’d Cena on the steps. Later, Kane threw Cena into the barricade near the announcers table. Cena hit the AA on Kane on the announcers table. Cena then carried Kane and put him on the stretcher but Kane fell off the stretcher. There are 2 stretchers set up. Cena then grabbed the second stretcher  and put Kane on that one. Rollins and Orton came out and attacked Cena. Orton hit the RKO. Ambrose came out before Rollins hit Cena with a chair. Ambrose was then chokeslammed by Kane. Cena threw the steel steps on Kane from inside the ring to the outside. Cena put Kane on the stretcher and then pushed him up the ramp. Kane sat up though just before the finish line. Cena hit the AA on the stretcher and pushed Kane passed the finish line for the win.


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