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Monday Night Raw results 12/29/14: The Authority returns; Daniel Bryan announcement

WWE Monday Night Raw
December 29, 2014
Washington, DC

Raw starts with a video of Edge's retirement speech from 2011. Tonight he and Christian are the Raw GMs. Michael Cole welcomes us to Raw. Edge and Christian come out to kick off the show.

Opening segment - Chrisitan and Edge are excited to be on the show. Christian says they'll have a Peep Show tonight. Edge thinks it should be the Cutting Edge. Edge says it's time to show the people why they made it to the top of the mountain and are the best damn tag team in history. They will do the first ever Cutting Edge Peep Show with the first guest being the "self proclaimed future of the WWE" Seth Rollins. Edge also announced that Rollins will face Roman Reigns tonight. Also, Rusev will face Dolph Ziggler in a champion vs. champion match. Christian joked that it will happen tonight and they'll both be completely naked. Edge said nobody wants to see that. Christian asks if the fans want to see Daniel Bryan. The fans erupt with "YES" chants. Edge says Bryan will be out on the show later to address his future. Edge says that DC gets a special treat with a five second pose. Brock Lesnar interrupts. Paul Heyman speaks first. He says he can't help but wonder why a man with a broken neck that can never wrestle again and a man with too many concussions to ever wrestle again would swim in the shark infested waters that are inhabited by the biggest most unmerciful predator in the universe...Brock Lesnar. Great stuff. He tells E & C to make a move but they can't because either one of them could end up in a wheel chair for the rest of their lives. He reassures that his client has no desire to break the necks or two guys that have had their careers ended. He wants to conquer someone that is truly newsworthy like John Cena. He says the last time Brock goes face to face with John Cena.... Cena's music plays and Cena comes out. Cena says he;s not knocking out Brock now so Brock doesn't limp with an excuse at the Rumble. Cena said that he has a gift. He grabbed Heyman, Paul went after Cena, Cena gets him up for the AA but Brock slips out. Heyman and Lesnar escape. Heyman has to calm Lesnar down at ringside.

Ziggler vs. Rusev is next.

Commercial break.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Rusev (Champion vs. Champion) - they never said if any of the belts are on the line. They went to commercial within a few minutes after the match started. Rusev was in control during the break and when they returned. Pretty decent match but the finish came with the ref disqualified Rusev for not breaking after stomping on Ziggler in the corner. After the match he put the Accolade on Ziggler with Ziggler on the bottom rope. Refs came down to break the hold. Then Ryback came down to clean house. He clotheslines Rusev. Rusev retreats as fans chant "feed me more."

They plugged WWE Rivalries. It airs on the network after Raw. On New Years Eve they'll air WrestleMania 30 and the WWE Hall of Fame on the network. I'll just forget that you can see it on demand any time.

Commercial break.

Ryback promo - Ryback says he feels that there's a misunderstanding about him since he joined WWE. He talked about being a guest bellringer 10 years ago and that's when he decided he wanted to be a WWE star. He talked about being on Tough Enough in 2004 as the Silverback. They played video of Ryback being eliminated in 2004. He said that he fell into a deep depression after that and didn't talk to his family for about a year. He got a job at a BBQ joint and would return home to an empty apartment. All he had was a stack of WrestleMania DVDs to remind him of what he lost. Then he read this book on positivity and his life changed. He said he returned to wrestling and was signed by WWE. Then afterwards he debuted with Nexus. They played the video from 2010 of Nexus attacking John Cena. After that he broke his ankle. He showed the scar and said it reminds him how lucky he is to be in a WWE ring. 2 surgeries later Ryback was born and he returned to WWE. Then they played video clips of his return as Ryback and other clips since his return. He said his Rusev match won't be a USA vs. Russia thing. It will be one big guy kicking another big guy's ass thing. He said he eats what people say and puts them into positive. He says he looks at negative people and negative things and says "feed me more." The promo came off as a reaction to the CM Punk stuff on Colt Cabana's podcast.

Commercial break.

Nikki Bella vs. Natalya - Tyson is at ringside. Nikki was knocked out of the ring and fell into Tyson's arms. Natalya was not happy about that. Quick match. Nikki wins with the right forearm smash and Rack Attack. Tyson checks on Natalya after the match.

Backstage, Miz and Mizdow. Naomi hugs Miz. She thanks him. She asks to speak in private without Mizdow. She says she called the producer and he saw her video and wants to meet to discuss future projects. She said Miz took a lot of crap especially from Jimmy but she wants to thank him and she appreciates him helping her. She wished Miz good luck tonight.

Commercial break.

Cole says that John Cena was a Celebs Gone Good winner along with names like Beyonce.

The Usos vs. The Miz & Mizdow - Naomi is watching the match on the monitor backstage. Fans are into Mizdow again. They went to commercial in the middle of the match as fans were chanting for Mizdow. Jimmy hit a superkick and Jey went for a splash later in the match. Miz got his legs up, hits skull crushing finale, it appears the match is over but Jey kicks out. Great match. Both Usos superkick Miz. Splash. Jimmy gets the pin. Naomi comes down to celebrate with them.

Lawler interviews The Usos in the ring. He asks how it feels to end the year as champions. Jey says it feels good and they have a lot to celebrate with champagne and JR's BBQ. Jimmy says family is everything. He says he has his Uce and his wife. He and his wife are always on the same page. He says that Miz thought he was playing games but they played Miz and it feels good. Then their music hit as they celebrated.

They plugged Daniel Bryan's announcement coming up later. Cole said that tonight will be a career defining moment for him according to sources. Lawler says he's concerned that he'll join the ranks of Edge and Christian.

They showed a video package on Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. They wrestle each other later tonight.

Commercial break.

Cesaro says 2014 should have been his year. He says he won the Andre the Giant battle royal at WrestleMania and now all of a sudden decision makers tell him he doesn't connect. He says they're right because he delivers. He delivers every time he's in the ring. He says he doesn't care about pyrotechnics or elaborate entrances. He says nobody in WWE can hold a candle to him when he steps into the ring. He asks someone to make his day and try him. Bad News Barrett comes out. Barrett says he has some bad news. He says Cesaro might not care about connecting with these people but the bull hammer will connect with Cesaro's shiny head.

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Cesaro vs. Bad News Barrett - So much for the Cesaro push. Barrett wins with the bull hammer.

Luker Harper backstage promo. He says people cast him aside like trash. He says he's a product of your environment, a nightmare come to life. He ends the promo with "sweet dreams." That was itl

Commercial break.

Luke Harper vs. Jack Swagger - Harper was in control as they went to break. He was in control after the break. Harper hits Swagger with a boot but gets a 2 count. Harper gets the pin after the clothesline.

They recapped the opening segment with Cena and Lesnar.

Cena is backstage talking with Edge and Christian. They reminisce about their past matches. Cena says that people said Edge and Christian would not amount to anything but they became two of the best. He thanked Edge for everything and everything he's done. He said that Edge is one of the few people in the business that is a decent human being.

Commercial break.

Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins - Big Show came out to ringside and sat next to the announcers just before the match started. Standard Raw match. Rollins gets a lot of offense, Roman then rallies and takes over. Rollins hit a nice looking spin kick and superkick late in the match. Reigns hit a superman punch but before he can hit a spear, Big Show attacks Reigns and tosses him over the announcers table and then dumps the table on Reigns. Trainers and docs check at Roman at ringside. Cole says this is a serious situation and says he could seriously be hurt.

Commercial break.

Backstage, Rollins is happy. He thanks Big Show. Rollins tells J&J Security to spread the word because he wants to propose a toast on the Cutting Edge Peep Show and he wants to invite John Cena.

They showed a video package for Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose. They are at the house show in Richmond tonight. Bray cut a pre recorded promo in an ambulance.

Backstage, Daniel Bryan is getting ready to walk out to the arena. He shakes hands with The Usos and R-Truth.

Commercial break.

Daniel Bryan announcement - Daniel Bryan gets a great crowd reaction. He says it's an honor to come out on Raw and it's always an honor to be in the ring every single time. He says he that the B+ player main evented WrestleMania. No one thought he could do it except for the fans. He said thanks to the fans he got the opportunity to beat Triple H, Randy Orton, and Batista to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. He said 5 days he married the woman of his dreams it was the greatest week of his life. But then everything changed after his honeymoon and his dad died 2 days after the honeymoon and he wasn't there for him because he was wrestling. After that he had a career changing injury that required surgery and doctors couldn't fix him. He said all he wanted to do was to be in the ring and being in front of the fans is the only thing that could take the pain away because this is what he's loved and dreamed of his entire life. He said he cheered when Rollins was pinned and The Authority was out of power. Docs didn't have answers. He said he even called Edge. He said you get to a point when you have to make a decision on whether or not all of this is worth it or not. He said because the fans have supported him for his entire career, he's made a request to make this announcement. Is his career over? "NO." He said that he is ready to fight and compete. He says he'll be in the 2015 Royal Rumble.

Backstage, Miz said that he demands a tag title rematch tonight. Edge said they'll get their match but it's not against the Usos and it's next.

The Ascension vs. The Miz & Damien Mizdow - There were some LOD chants in the crowd. Miz tagged in Mizdow right away because he didn't want any part of The Ascension. The Ascension beat Mizdow with the Fall of Man finisher. Miz was at ringside not looking too happy.

Rollins is walking towards the arena. Renee catches up with him. Rollins says he extends his invitation to Brock Lesnar as well.

Commercial break.

Cutting Edge Peep Show - Rollins is introduced and he comes out with J&J Security, wine, and wine glasses. Edge and Christian note that Rollins looks chipper. Rollins says that he wants to tell them that it's an honor to be on the first Cutting Edge Peep Show. He says E & C are heroes to him. Edge doesn't believe him. Christian calls Rollins lame. Rollins says he mastermined the destruction of The Shield and won MITB and became the standardbearer of WWE and recognized as the future. He asked if anyone had a better year than him. Edge says Cena. Christian says Sting. They also said Slick and Ziggler. Rolins says he wanted to reflect on the past month and how difficult it's been for him since Survivor Series. He says he's been a party pooper and doesn't want to be that guy anymore. That Seth Rollins will be gone in 2015, he says. He said that he also wants to bring out Big Show to help him celebrate. Rollins also says he wants another guy to come out for this toast. He introduces John Cena. Cena's music doesn't play so he tries again. Still no Cena. Rollins says he really wanted Cena to come out because he wants something from him. He yells for Cena to come out. Still no Cena. He says if Cena doesn't come out then he's forcing his hand and has no choice but to force his. He hits Christian in the stomach with the briefcase. Edge shoves Rollins. Show and J&J circle around Edge. Show grabs Edge and puts his head on the briefcase. Rollins threatens to stomp Edge if Cena doesn't come out. Cena runs out but Rollins tells him to stop before getting in the ring. Rollins says Cena knows what he wants and if he doesn't get it then he'll break Edge's neck. He tells John not to do it or take the chance if he cares about Edge. Cena is about to run in but stops when Rollins teases the stomp on Edge. Rollins says "this is a husband...this is a father" and he's got a kid at home. He tells Cena to give him what he wants if Edge is to play with his kids again. Rollins wants The Authority back. Rollins tells Cena to test the waters if he doesn't believe him. Rollins asks Cena if he's a phony or the real deal. Rollins tells him again to bring The Authority back. If he doesn't then he'll paralyze Edge and it will be on Cena's conscious for the rest of his life. Cena says "ok." Rollins tells Noble to give Cena a mic so we can all hear. Cena says "I bring back The Authority." Rollins loved it and celebrated. Cena ran in and brawled with Rollins but Big Show hit the KO on Cena. Rollins then curb stomped Cena. Rollins and Show hugged. Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman came out on the stage. Heyman gave Rollins a handshake.

Triple H's music played and The Authority came out to celebrate on the stage.