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Monday Night Raw results 1/5/15: Ziggler, Rowan, and Ryback fired, Cena Appreciation

WWE Monday Night Raw
Janurary 5, 2015
Corpus Christi, TX

Raw starts with a video recap of the last segment last week showing Seth Rollins forcing John Cena to bring back The Authority.

Opening segment – The roster is in the ring and surrounding the ring. John Cena is in the center of the ring with wrestlers behind him. He apologizes for doing what he did but he had no choice. He said he wanted to make a promise to the fans and his co-workers. Triple H’s music interrupts. Steph and Triple H are on the stage area. Triple H says just a little less than two months ago everyone cheered and laughed because they were gone for good thanks to the “face painted goof” Sting. He said that everyone begged for them to come back. They made fun of the computer GM and Ho Ho Hogan and said this place was in chaos and was a sinking ship and now the ship is on course thanks to Seth Rollins, the future of WWE. Then Rollins came out to join them on the stage. Rollins says hello to his “good friend” John Cena. He wished Cena a “happy new year.” Triple H says everyone owes Seth a debt of gratitude and he and Steph owe him a debt of gratitude and they will try to repay him. Triple H says that Seth Rollins has been added to the Royal Rumble main event so now its Seth Rollins vs. John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship. Steph said they had to thank John Cena too.  She said Cena showed his true integrity and strength of character. She said he broke a promise to the roster and the WWE Universe and when he did he showed that deep down he knows whats best for business so tonight they want to honor and show how proud they are by declaring tonight “John Cena Appreciation Night.” She said his attendance is mandatory and they will put a smile on his face and they guarantee that The Authority will deliver. Triple H says it’s a new era for The Authority with no agendas and no alterior motives. He said everyone will get what they deserve. He said tonight Dolph Ziggler is up next and will defend his title against the man that never lost it, Bad News Barrett.

Booker T is filling in tonight for Jerry Lawler. Big Show vs. Roman Reigns is scheduled for later. Also, Ryback will face Seth Rollins. Also, Bray Wyatt vs. Dean Ambrose in an ambulance match.

Commercial break.

Bad News Barrett vs. Dolph Ziggler (Intercontinental title)

Ziggler wins quickly with a rollup. That lasted less than 5 minutes. Barrett attacked after the match and tossed Ziggler out of the ring and then into the barricade. Then he rammed Ziggler into the announcers table and then into the steel steps. Then he rammed him into the other steps and then brough him back in the ring and rammed him into the corner. The ref kept yelling at Barrett to stop. Of course the ref always is made to look like an idiot. Corporate Kane came out on the stage. He said that they failed to mention that this was a 2 out of 3 falls match and ordered the ref to ring the bell. Boot to the face and then Winds of Change to Ziggler. Barrett gets the pin. Barrett and Ziggler are tied 1 to 1. Commercial break. As they return from break the referee asks if Ziggler can continue. Ziggler says yes. Barrett hits Wasteland, pin attempt, 2 count. Kane sat at ringside by the announcers. Ziggler kicked out of Winds of Change. Barrett went for the bullhammer elbow but Dolph avoided it and hit a super kick. Cover. 2 count. Kane gets on the apron and gets a superkick by Ziggler. Barrett uses the distraction to hit the bullhammer and gets the pin. NEW IC CHAMP.

They showed John Cena’s debut from 2002 against Kurt Angle.

Commercial break.

They showed Big Show attacking Roman Reigns last week on Raw and then Reigns getting even on Smackdown. Renee Young talks to Roman Reigns backstage. Roman says Show can expect a man that is faster than a speeding bullet, a man that can leap over a building, more powerful than a locomotive. Show can expect “me…believe that.”

Bray Wyatt promo backstage.

Commercial break.

Cole talked about Total Divas winning’s best reality show award.

The Ascension cuts an in ring promo. They said they’d destroy Demolition. They said they’d throw the Road Warriors right off the road. Conor says “what a joke!” Then they give their catchphrase. So apparently they are heels now.

The Ascension vs. jobbers

Quick match. The Ascension wins.

Rusev and Lana promo backstage. Rusev tells America to stay out of Russia and any countries business. He says only one man can lead this world and that man is Vladimir Putin. Lana says Rusev is undefeated and he rises above the rest.

Commercial break.

They showed a clip from Cena vs. JBL from WrestleMania 21.

Roman Reigns vs. Big Show

Standard big man match. Reigns went for a superman punch a few minutes into the match but Show stopped it. They brawled at ringside. Big Show used the steel steps on Roman and gets DQ’ed. Show tosses Roman into the ring, sets up to hit Reigns with the stairs but Roman hits the spear and Show falls back and the steps drop on his face.

Cole welcomed the audience watching in India. Then they showed a recap from the opening segment.

Commercial break.

Commercial plugging Smackdowns move to Thursday.

Nikki Bella vs. Natalya

Brie is at ringside. Natalya comes out without Tyson Kidd. Paige comes out to ringside and gives a hug to Natalya. They’re playing off what happened on Total Divas last night. Keep in mind that the episode last night was taped months ago. Paige and Brie fight at ringside. Natalya uses the distraction to pin Nikki. This was a non-title match. Nikki attacks Natalya after the match. Paige gets in the ring and superkicks Nikki and says this is her house.

Dean Ambrose backstage promo.

Commercial break.

Cole, JBL, and Booker T mentioned the passing of Stuart Scott.

Luke Harper vs. Erick Rowan

Just before the match starts Eden announces that Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury are the special referees. They are in the ring at the same time. Harper attacks Rowan to start the match. Distraction causes Harper to get the big kick to the face in. Noble counts fast. Harper wins.

Mercury and Noble attack Rowan after the match. Then Harper runs back in and clotheslines Rowan. Mercury and Noble double dropkick Rowan in the face as Harper holds Rowan up.

They show John Cena’s first appearance on Raw after the draft from 2005.

Commercial break.

Backstage (earlier tonight) Alicia Fox says nothing will come between them even though they are wrestling each other. Alicia sarcastically says that she forgot that Naomi was kicked off Total Divas. Alicia then attacks Naomi.Emma, Cameron, and Summer Rae come in to break it up. Horrible segment.

They showed video from Bray Wyatt attacking Ambrose at Hell in a Cell. The ambulance match is next.

Commercial break.

Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt (Ambulance Match)

Dean attacks Bray to start the match. Dean brawls with Bray at ringside and then into the crowd and out to the area next to the stage where the ambulance is. Bray gets Dean in the ambulance but Dean fights his way out. Dean hits a neckbreaker on the floor. Dean pulls out two tables out of the ambulance. Bray slams the ambulance door on Dean’s left leg. Bray takes out Dean’s leg causing Dean to land on the ramp way. Then Bray rams a stretcher into Dean’s leg. They make their way back to ringside and Bray is in control. They go to commercial as Dean is on the floor selling his leg. When they come back Bray is still in control. They make their way back up near the ambulance. Dean jumps off the stage with a clothesline to Bray Wyatt. Dean gets Bray in the ambulance but Bray fights out. Bray throws Dean up against the ambulance. A few fans chant “use the table.” Ambrose uses a back board as a weapon on Bray’s back. Dean gets on top of the ambulance and drops an elbow on Bray through a table. Fans chanting “this is awesome.” They are working hard for sure. It’s hard to get into this match when they’ve had so many gimmick matches over the last couple of months. That is not the fault of the wrestlers involved though. Dean tries to get Bray up but Bray reverses and hits Sister Abigail on against the back of the ambulance. Bray hits another Sister Abigail on the floor. He puts Ambrose in the ambulance and gets the win. The ambulance then drives away with Ambrose inside. Bray sits and laughs.

They plugged the network. Then ANOTHER recap from the opening segment.

Commercial break.

The Usos & Naomi vs. The Miz, Mizdow, & Alicia Fox

Alicia and Naomi start the match. Then Jey Uso and Miz tag in. Miz took advantage when Jimmy hit the ropes and realized taht Naomi was on the apron and almost ran into her. Miz took advantage of the distraction and got the win and had a handful of tights.

Total Divas commercial.

Commercial break.

$9.99 WWE Network commercial.

Ryback vs. Seth Rollins & Kane

J&J Security come out with Rollins. Kane comes down before the match and tells Ryback that this is a handicap match so now it’s Rollins and Kane vs. Ryback. The heels were in control as they took a commercial break during this match. Ryback fought his way back and hit Shell Shock to Kane but Rollins (the legal man) hit a curb stomp and then did a second curb stomp. Rollins gets the pin. This was the usual Raw match with interference from J&J too.

Commercial break.

Adam Rose vs. Big E

Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods are at ringside. The Rose Buds are in the aisleway. Two guys in spandex suits covered from head to toe attack Kofi and the rest of New Day just as Big E was about to hit the big splash. They reveal themselves to be Tyson Kidd and Cesaro. I think this is playing into their Masters of the Universe name/gimmick. The Rose Buds celebrate in the ring with Adam Rose.

They show Triple H and Stephanie backstage talking with J&J and Kane. They all look happy. Michael Cole plugged a new episode of Countdown: Biggest Crybabies. It airs after Raw.

Commercial break.

Commercial for Smackdown’s move to Thursday.

John Cena Appreciation

Steph says that John Cena knows whats best for business. She introduces the man of the hour and the man responsible for bringing back The Authority….John Cena. Cena comes out since (as Cole said) his attendance is mandatory. Triple H and Stephanie mockingly encourage the crowd to cheer for Cena. They show a clip on the big screen of Cena bringing back The Authority. Steph says Cena is her hero. Triple H says that he and Cena has had problems in the past and says a lot of it was his (Triple H’s) fault. Triple H said that he told Shawn Michaels that he sucks when he first saw him but then Cena changed and saw that there was something bigger…this greatness. He said maybe that’s why he was so hard on him and overbearing because he saw this greatness and he reached heights that maybe nobody thought he’d get to and then last week he saw that maybe he started to see past the Hustle Loyalty Respect “crap” and realized what is best for business. He said he thinks he is starting to see a different John Cena but if not he still wants to say that he appreciates Cena. Then Triple H brings out other people. He said if they don’t appreciate him yet then they will at the end of the night. Triple H welcomes Ryback. The story here is that all of the guys that were on Cena’s team were beat up tonight. Triple H welcomes Erick Rowan to the ring, followed by Dolph Ziggler. Triple H says they all have admiration for Cena when they unwisely joined his team at Survivor Series and at the time they were told about the consequences. Triple H said they won and The Authority was gone but Cena threw that away and threw them into the fire. Triple  H says that Rowan kind of came into this at the last second. He said that Erick has to be punished so he suggested 30 days suspension with no pay. Steph asked about what they should do to Ryback “the turncoat.” Triple H suggested 60 days for Ryback. Then Triple H said that Ziggler put the final nail in the coffin with the help of the “painted up goof Sting.” Triple H asked Ziggler for his thoughts..Ziggler said “90 days?” Steph and Triple H stepped out of the ring to have a private conversation. They walked up to the stage. Steph said that they have come to a decision and instead of suspending them, they are all fired. They rubbed it in that they lost their livelihoods thanks to John Cena. Triple H said “lets hear it for John Cena.” Then they played Lex Luger’s theme from 1993 and confetti and balloons fell from the ceiling. Cena stood with a serious look on his face. The show went off the air as they showed Cena’s face and the music kept playing.


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