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Montez Ford reveals he uses the Frog Splash to help conquer his fear of heights

Montez Ford appeared on Denise Salcedo’s YouTube channel this week ahead of WrestleMania to talk about working with Angelo Dawkins, celebrity appearances at the big event, seeing Bianca Belair live her dream, and why he chose the frog splash.

Montez Ford was asked how he feels performing at WrestleMania with Angelo Dawkins:

“It’s cool. It’s like he’s my brother in real life,” said Ford. “What you see on camera is the same thing you see in real life off camera. He was my best man at my wedding.”

“So it’s a real life relationship there. So just to go through this journey with him, have our moms there to witness everything, and be so proud of their boys and everything, it’s just a great journey to share with someone.”

Ford giving his thoughts on the celebrity aspect of WrestleMania:

“It’s always so good to have the celebrities come through because I feel like they know how big the spectacle is, not only for them to be a part of it, but to elevate everyone around them,” he stated.

“I gave a Frog Splash to Johnny Knoxville at the Royal Rumble. This is a person I watched at the late nights when my mom would go to sleep and my sister would stay up and watch Jackass. Logan Paul, he’s doing boxing promotions and he’s fighting Mayweather. Of course, the hometown hero, Stone Cold Steve Austin, somebody I watched and idolized as I was growing up. Just these three individuals alone just makes this event even bigger.”

“For them to want to be a part of it and still be a part of it, it just shows like the testament how big and how much of a spectacle WrestleMania really is.”

Ford was asked how he feels seeing his wife, Bianca Belair, going out their and living her dream:

“It’s amazing. Like, the person you love is actually going out there and fulfilling their dreams, and you’re there to be not only their support system, but just to be there and witness it with her is a blessing.”

“I feel like it makes all of us even more motivated to be intrigued to do these things and do more things and be successful. You always want to be there as a support group.”

On why he chose to do the frog splash:

“It pays homage to all the greats that did it before me like Eddie Guerrero and Rob Van Dam,” Montez shared.

“But yes, every single time, I treat it like the way Batman treats bats. Batman is afraid of bats, so he wears a bat suit. I choose the frog splash because I’m afraid of heights. So I use that fear onto everyone else. That’s a little secret here. I don’t think I’ve ever said that before. So yeah, exclusive.”

You can view the entire interview with Montez Ford on Denise Salcedo’s YouTube channel below.

If you use any portion of the quotes from this article please credit Denise Salcedo with a h/t to for the transcription.

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