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More backstage news on who helped with the Firefly Fun House segment, John Cena made a lot of changes



As I noted last night, a lot of what fans saw last night during the Firefly Fun House segment came from Bray Wyatt but there were others who had input. I also noted that Vince McMahon loved the "it's good sh*t" line when it was suggested to be used in the segment.

Dave Meltzer confirmed today on Wrestling Observer Radio that much of the creative input came from Bray Wyatt. He also noted that Bruce Prichard had a hand in the segment and John Cena made a lot of changes.

"The Firefly Fun House was Bruce Prichard and Bray," Meltzer said. "There were a lot of changes made by John Cena [and] supposedly for the better. That was what was told to me."

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As previously noted, you can expect to see more segments like the Firefly Fun House and the Boneyard Match in the future. Triple H hinted over the weekend that WWE will rely on more off-site shoots to fill TV time since it does not look like fans will be allowed in arenas anytime soon.

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