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More bayface and heel turns expected soon in WWE



As noted on Friday night during WWE SmackDown, Xia Li made her return to television and there was a change made to her character. When she last appeared on the show a few months ago, the gimmick was that the was there to protect the other babyfaces from evil. However, she is now saying that there is no one worthy of her protection and sbe will only protect herself.

While it did appear that this was the start of a heel turn, it was not made obvious by the announcers. However, on the international versions of SmackDown, the commentary made it clear that Li is no longer a fan favorite, thus her official heel turn.

The decision to turn her heel comes across as a sudden move because the company put so much time into her babyface vignettes before her main roster debut in December. The idea was to push her as a super hero-like character. During her entrances, she got lighting added via CGI and it came across like she would become a top face on the brand. However, that changed when she was pulled from TV in February. No word yet on when Li will make her in-ring return.

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This is the latest example of plans suddenly changing in WWE. was told that fans should expect more turns for several stars in the coming weeks as Vince McMahon feels that some of the talent is being miscast right now.