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More classic episodes of WWF Superstars added to Peacock

Peacock has added episodes of WWF Superstars that range from mid-July through early September in 1994.

Fans can check out the 8 episodes of Superstars in the archives of the streaming service.

Razor Ramon, Ted Dibiase, The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, The Steiner Brothers, Jim Cornette, Bret Hart, Jerry Lawler, Yokozuna, Mr. Perfect, and Bam Bam Bigelow are featured on the episodes.

Here is the listing for the episodes of Superstars:

July 16, 1994
A battle of behemoths features Yokozuna colliding with Typhoon; Tatanka enters “Heartbreak Hotel.”

July 23, 1994
Leslie Nielsen launches his search for The Undertaker; Jeff Jarrett battles The 1-2-3 Kid.

July 30, 1994
WWE Champion Bret “Hit Man” Hart defends the title against former champion Bob Backlund.

August 6, 1994
The 1-2-3 Kid vs. “Double J” Jeff Jarrett; Lex Luger joins Shawn Michaels on “Heartbreak Hotel.”

August 13, 2021
The Undertaker competes; Jim Cornette addresses rumors about Yokozuna; Paul Bearer has a message.

August 20, 1994
Tatanka is in singles action; Ted DiBiase leads I.R.S. and Bam Bam Bigelow into tag team action.

August 27,1994
WWE Champion Bret Hart addresses his brother ahead of their Steel Cage Match at SummerSlam.

September 3, 1994
The fallout from SummerSlam continues; Bob Backlund, The 1-2-3 Kid and I.R.S. are in action.

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